Has George Bush ever won any see (legally) ever?


No wonder billions were made available as corporate welfare for JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc...
Yes, but Obama hasn't!
Yes he has. He won twice when he be Governor of Texas. Twice when he was elected President, in 2000, when they finished the re-count, they found out that Bush have more votes than they had before the re-count. Bush won by a larger fringe than before the re-count. But the "main stream media" did not report that did they? Source(s): Reality, a complex thing to ignore. There are any number of Dems sitting within the House and Congress about whom you might ask that question. But considering who is contained by the White House no one will ask, like at smallest one precinct in Minn. where more votes be cast for Al Franken than there be registered voters.
As to Bush, those votes in Florida were counted and recount and re-re-recounted and still he won.
H W Bush was formerly employed by CIA. It's not below them to rig any see. Chances are W retard has never accomplished anything lacking his daddy's connections.
I love the defenders of "The Appointed Retard". It's like my retarded child can do no wrong. Well guess what, he can and did.
Accept it and verbs. Just don't let your other retarded children run for Prez or do you like substandard administrations at the expense of it's citizens?
Yes he has, several. Do a little research into Obama's cabinet and you will find the majority of his cabinet come from Goldman Sachs.
be careful his daddy was cranium of cia he knows where the bodies lay , ha ha ha ha
truth is not a one that i know of. adjectives jokes aside , to bad we can't put aside the memory of george hope we never hold another bush or raygun . or obummer
its 2010 and bush isnt in politics
Yes but the electorate are so brainwashed and gullible, they would have voted Yosemite Sam if his christen appeared on the ballot paper as a Republican candidate.
Now that ACORN is disbanded, will 0bama be able to capture re-elected? All sign are pointing to "NO".
OMG... Bush Derangement Syndrome. Will it ever end?

Yes four times.

Two as governor of Texas & two as president of the US.

If it wasnt legal afterwards why did Democrats let him get away next to it?

"President button"? LOL
No. He can by a hair`s breadth brush his own teeth.

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