Not entitled to sick pay adjectives, partner be rotten for 4 days.?

hello all, my partner was rotten of work for 4 days due to being ill (he did phone and consent to them know), but his work have told him hes not entitled to anything, (company sikcness repay or Statutory Sick Pay). Nothing. Where do we stand with this, we thought it was because he he have only been within for 4 months before this, but when he asked them aboutit, they just stated that he wasnt entitled and that it be at there discretion, where do we stand near this please, he only brings home lb220 a week, so lost lb176 of his wage. Thanks all
Hi Laura. You ask what more or less SSP. The answer is that you can't get it for the 1st 3 days of a period of sickness, and isolated days...contained by your case, the 4th day is an isolated hours of daylight. So SSP and no contractual sick pay either.
I'm sorry.
Look at his work contract. It may be at the manager's discretion. Most will allow it but some appropriate the "discretion" very seriously and will deny every request. If it is in certainty in his contract or clearly written in the hand handbook then he is disallowed.

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