What would you modification almost authority?

There has to be a way to trade name the government more of a direct democracy. For example, what the public felt roughly G. W. Bush in 2004 was not like peas in a pod as what they thought of him in, say 2007.

Hugging traditions (such as defining what the founding father meant in the U.S. Constitution) is unnecessary. There are other ways to realistically chip away at the citizen-government gap.
Eliminate it. Set everyone back to zero for awhile, give somebody a lift away the complications and shades of grey and force people to find purpose and standing through their present actions as defiant their bank account/connections/social status/etc.

(a) Shadowmanx - The founding fathers set up a system where on earth there wouldn't be much of a citizen-government gap since the affairs of state stuck to the essential tasks required for the country to function and stayed out of peoples' lives and personal choices. The citizen-government gap is something that progressed over time as the government become more and more involved in peoples' lives and private business, and the result is the rampant corruption we see today. NEVER be fooled into thinking that anything modern government does is purely for the society.
Authority should obey there own law and rules
i would make sure the endorsement of laws and legislation was passed by public refferendum, instead of our elected official making al the decisions because no matter who we elect .. or not within our case in the uk.... we never get hold of what we want or what will serve our country the best!

so yes in short, i would give the public more power to run our own country

oh and i put peter mandleson contained by stocks in parliament square and let culture throw rotten fruit at him the corrupt bent ****
make them truly accountable

so several beuracrats and people in positions of authority can bs you near circular beuracracy
sending you back and forth from 1 to the next instead of accepting responsiblity and dealing next to the problem,whatever it be

i have complained, not of late once to a company (and this is social council companys not big buisness) and each time, this is just hysterically ludicrious, the complaint, certainly got sent to the person i be cpmp[laining about for them to 'deal' with

thats what im taking nearly, circular beuracracy

there is a real deficit of accountability

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