To run for Congress should their energy be unseal to adjectives of us?

well i am from the uk our equlivient is parlement

i belive that too much infomation is a bad entity people could get assassinated for standing for a correct view

and there is the right to privacy that adjectives citzeens in any free country should be able to hold
that includes polticitians
i aggree that some infomation is important to be made public
like institution reports, collage reports and uni reports previous employment reports even credit reports (think about the UKs MP expencese scandals) and various stuff that help prove or backup claims that a poltician is trustworty to do the job and manage the country

i am interested contained by exactly what you mean by "life interested to all of us"
There are some aspects of Adolph Hitlers reign of tyranny that no reasonable human being can agree with.
However, there be one aspect I have fully agreed with is this.
His bank account was unambiguous to scrutiny for all to see.
So I believe that every politician in Britain and America should enjoy their banking accounts to be published every year so that the public at large can witness if any alleged wrong doing have been committed.
Right now three Labour ex Labour politicians near a possible fourth along with one Conservative peer are alleged to have committed breaches of the parliamentary code of practise surrounded by relation to expenses claims.

Would this practise of forcing politicians to make public their financial accounts prevent alleged questionable claims?

After all,Have I not hear the words uttered,transparency and political accountability within the last few years?

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