I hold a 50% charge on the property owned by my ex. I also own a 14 yr antiquated son who lives next to her?

The house has to be sold when my son reaches 18 yrs of age so I can be remunerated from the charge. Because I am disabled I do not work and therefore do not pay any child support. If I should die beforehand then, could my ex claim anything for child support from my charge in the house which is my with the sole purpose asset?

I have made a Will leaving everything to a trusted relative who I know will go by my assets on to my son when he reaches the age of 25. I do not trust solicitors having have very bad experiences near them in the past, any through their incompetence or their self serving.
Your responsibility to pay child support lapses near your death. Your ex must then generate provision for your son in other ways. She cannot, as I understand it, claim beneath your share of the house, which appears to be on trust for sale.

Have you taken tax proposal on your will? It sounds as though you should, although this doesn't come cheap and you are perhaps not in a position to reward. I wish you, therefore, several years of life.

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