If you hold an SIA license can you next become a police officer?

My partner wants to become a police officer but at the moment there is a long waiting schedule. She has applied but at the minute it's a two year waiting list. At the moment my partner works as guarantee at a museum but a new job doing shelter for a building has come up with better money. However for this new job she wants to get an SIA license but she has hear that if you have that then the police won't want you.
The SIA license last for three years so if the above is true and the police won't have her is it a case of when it expires next she'll be able to join the police or is it once have forever not allowed!!??
Or is it a case where on earth this hearsay is just that??
Anyone who has info on this subject please permit me know.

Many Thanks :)
Hello this is hearsay.

you can have an SIA Licence and then be surrounded by the police, but you can't hold both at the same time as this will be considered a conflict of interest.

When she gets round to going for it again (AND WELL DONE HER BY THE WAY) she will be required to inform them this at the first opportunity.
There is a process where on earth you relinquish your licence with the SIA.

A lot of ex doorstaff have become police officer so dont panic, its all pretty easy to do with a few phone call at the same time. Source(s): 6 years service SIA licensing is not a fast-track to avoid routine Police application list. It doesn't mean anything more than "licenced to work as a Security Guard". Licensing is just another method of saying partially-trained, CRB checked and registered. It will not influence an application to the Police force in any road.
I think you'll find this is hearsay.

When your partner is accepted into a police force they will hold to surrender their SIA badge purely on the basis of a conflict contained by interest.

I would go for it if I was her, I don't infer any force in the UK will be recruiting for a long time as it stands, and she may not even seize in first time as a lot of culture don't, wish her good luck tho!

I would also recommend to her nearer the time:


Its worth the money if you return with a job at the end of it !!

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