Do other countries really can`t bear the UK similar to they can`t bear the US?

I think it has to do beside the British Empire but I have noticed like mad of foreigner talking about the US and the UK as if they are impossible to tell apart Do foreigner's really view the US and the UK the same on world impact? I intuitively think the UK has done more wrongs at it have ruled much longer than the US. (Not to say the UK is bad, I love the UK.- It's almost as if the UK is an full-size and the US a child ie because the UK has lived longer it would have made FAR more mistakes.)

What do you reflect and can you please state your country?
This type of rhetoric is so over blown. Most people do not hate anyone because of their residency and think very little at adjectives about other countries.
Well, clear some foreigners do but most, probably aren't bothered.

It's a bit rich an Italian criticising the British role contained by world history given that fascism was created in Italy and the Mussolini republic supported Hitler surrounded by his attempt to dominate Europe.
Hitler wasn't too popular when he was invading countries contained by the second world war, and it's pretty obvious the U.K. and U.S.are unloved nearly as much for the same reasons.


and yes the brits have done more damage than you can conjure up (india.pakistan , northern ireland/republic of ireland israel/palestine and africa
Human nature is to focus on the unpromising and to take the good for granted. I own to wonder how many people "hate" America as they drive their cars, experience air-travel, listen to the radio, communicate on their cell-phones, go to a movie, surf the internet, enjoy adjectives the benefits of electricity & plumbing, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.................etc..............etc… (a thousand more times). As someone once said, "The next big thing is other coming from America."

Bearing in mind that the Industrial Revolution began within the U.K. and that the U.S. is largely a product of the U.K., the U.K. and the U.S. essentially created the modern world. Yes, the Chinese invented paper, pasta, porcelain and the compass; yes, the Japanese made a lot of electronic products smaller; yes, the French pasteurized milk-----blah blah blah------but if you wallow in the modern world then go find a Saxon and narrate him thank you while giving him a great big hug. (Feel free to write America a check too; after 100 years of liberating the planet we could use the money).

I'm an American. Source(s): The older I get the more contained by awe I am of the Saxon race and what it has competent, while acknowledging the contributions made by other societies many of which the Saxons built on. Only countries that hold heavily suffered from the British empire but their are many other nations that priase the British Empire because it offer protection agianst other super powers..

The British were not the only Empire within the world it was just the largiest.

Everybody hate the US and the two countries are differant only the Americans think be the same thats because their blind and don't know nothing almost the rest of the world America is not cultured.. Britian however is.

i'm from the UK..

Ive heard some comments from Euro nations disliking Britian singular because were rude and outragous on holidays... And were a binged nation

Other after that were kool !

Where giving Aid to countries today even countries like China and i reckon it's to parden us from our evil ways of days gone by..

However the British are a grown country in the developed world and were deffiently see as the Adult.

And a nation to look upto in education technoligy and science..

We invented alot of things we use today the internet the Tv the Radio Guided bombs using laser.
etc etc.
The Communist States of America is Still on top. Although Eastern China or Northern Mexico may be a better name.

I love the UK because they but our retards grandfather surrounded by jail..

We need to put that guys grandson surrounded by jail.
As a British person, I feel annoyed that I enjoy to apologise for any mistakes that my country has made in olden times, as that is the key word, the recent past. I have lived in other countries and be welcomed with break open arms although there has be some hostility, but overall I haven't had any problems. I consistency that there are too many ethnic group living in a past that wasn't even within their lifetime and they seem to think it still affects them today. Nobody should be axiom sorry for being born in any country as nobody (unless science have moved on) has any control over which year or country they were born into. To hatred and hold accountable any modern generation is childish, sick minded and deeply, very ignorant, because the modern social group are no more to blame than the trees or birds are for the death of the dinosaurs.
It is about time, we adjectives moved on into the 21st century and to realise that we are all human, we all live and we adjectives die, so move on, peace is the way forward and permit hatred of anybody (unless you know them personally for you can't resembling everyone you meet) be a thing of the past, please!
It is promptly getting that way :(
I thought the way Obambi talked the U.S. be the most hated country! Source(s): The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : Obama Acknowledges ACORN ...
Feb 20, 2010 ... Since I have be in the United States Senate I've been other a partner with .... be another talk-down and no bipartisanship on his part (as usual) Obama ... Obama's twisted ACORN roots Top GOPer releases video of Obama ...… Hi! I'm Italian and nobody I know loathe the UK, nor the US. Someone thinks the US are arrogant and full of themselves but nobody really hate them.. They solitary say so. But nobody say anything in the order of the UK. :)
I dislike intensely the UK

but don't feel bad I antipathy europe in general Source(s): from the U.S. BTW The UK hasn't done anything discouraging. England has. There are 4 countries over here you know and us other 3 aren't chuffed about self included in every English Government decision ever made. Which is what you see when it comes to India, Pakistan, Ireland blah blah. Don't forget more or less Scotland and Wales. I didn't personally sign an agreement to say that England could rule my life span thanks very much. If Scots, Welsh or Irish want to unify an army or military force it's for the Queen. She's not our queen she's england's queen. Fair? no. So when someone over here makes a bad outcome look at what they believe in first before you point a finger at adjectives 4 countries. Oh and I do know Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are both Scottish but yeah there are some who brown nose the english policy

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