Television Licence your opinion please?

Who here thinks that the TV licence in the republic of Ireland is a scam when the nation stations are RT'E1, RT'E2, TV3, TG4,.. And the last time i checked all four of these stations hold advertisments on them when the tv licence is so stations like so can run a full programme without stopping every 10-15 minutes to show an advertisment!! And individuals are probably wondering why the postal system is quite possibly the only bank society who has not gone bust is this because theya re taking 160 euros a year off every small screen owner? I don't know.. what are your opinions?
It is an utter disgrace in my feelings.
Considering the money goes to RTE, who simply seem to throw it down the drain.
They are an awful dike, with awful presenters for almost every programme (news, sports, documentaries, you name it), and respectively presenter is old and long over retirement age and still receiving a big round pay check which is subsequently paid by the citizens of Ireland.
Their programming and choice of programmes to examine is awful.
All in all RTE is lately an embarrassment to Ireland. But they still want to go ahead and launch further channel such as RTE1+1, RTE3, RTE International and RTE HD.
I mean I think they seriously necessitate to sit down and start from scratch with that low: new presenters, new nouns team, new programming and drop the licence levy.

RTE seriously need to start listening to the public viewpoint of their channel and company and take some of their proposal into consideration (like mine!).
They completely ignore the opinions of their viewers.

RTE requests a wake up call in half a shake.

Oh and I hope someone from RTE reads this and might realise exactly what people regard as of RTE, because I can guarantee that there are thousands more people living within Ireland who feel exactly the way I discern about RTE.

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