95% Of Iraqi Oil Money Missing, how is that possible?

how can you loose that kind of money?

yes we can!
... First, for those of you ill informed enought to try to blame this on Obama, wrong. It happen during the Bush administration. Bush was adjectives about ripping off the tariff payers. What I want to know is how come when it was discovered, and announced publicly, while Bush was within office, why did he not investigate, find and recover it?
To be fair it's not missing, as much as it wasn't properly accounted for, which is still a huge accord.

Just like 2.3 trillion dollars in Pentagon money announced Sept. 10/01, wonder how that get swept under the rug.

Go back and read the article again. You get the facts and figures all mixed up surrounded by your mind.

It says this problem began 30 years ago. That would be 1980.

WHO be the president in 1980......?
Very much possible when Republicans are surrounded by charge. Bush, Cheney & Co. along with their Republican cronies, stuffed their pockets with Iraqi money. That is a major reason why they invaded this country.
Im sue GW and Cheney's basements are packed full of bread.
Next thing they'll be maxim is that Bernie Madoff took it. He's a Democrat, isn't he? Source(s): A Taxpayer. Halliburton took it, with Dick Cheney's blessing.
i bet they tried to launder it and somebody stole it. lol

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