Are Americans really brainwashed into believing we are the best?

I have seen relatively a few replies about the "cocky" American and an overwhelming amount of countries expressed their dislike for our "self proclaimed greatness", but are we being "brainwashed" into believing we are the best or are we in fact the best.

What are you thoughts? Is great "land of the free and home of the brave" really the Best that we are told and trained to believe? Do other countries have a valid idea to dismiss our "greatness"? Or are we just full of ourselves?

Why or why not?

Note: This question is designed for a discuss not as a form of trolling. I am very proud to be an American. I just be to know what the common thought of "America the land of the Great" in truth is.
Don't think so.
Look within the real world.
Decode this lyrics " You'll see "
"Wonderful world"
"Don't know much"
"Time after time"
"The Great Commandments"
"The Final Countdown"
"Stranded in the middle of no where"
"There you'll be"
"The best"
"Save the best for last"
"The color of the wind"
Not hear-say solitary?
The glory and honor is glaring under the sun,moon and stars even on cloudy and rainy days too within time?
Was lost and recovered in time?
Luke 21.30-36
Luke 9.25,55-56,60
Luke 8.5-8,10-17
Luke 24.44-45,47-48
Luke 10.24
Luke 19.10
Joshua 7.11
Matt 5.9,14
Matt 1.17
Revelation 21.1-7
What do you think? Source(s): decode from the missing x-files. In the words of Lincoln "You can fool all of the people some of the time. You can fool some of the society all of the time but you can't fool all of the those all of the time". (Or similar) Sorry I'm a Brit and not too familiar beside the actual wording of his comment. What I'm really trying to say is that some US citizens are "brainwashed" and others are more shrewd. I've no real beef beside the way America is run. I see a lot of rubbish written nearly US superiority and the negligence of other nations, just as I see alike comments on the UK answers. You could not have achieved your present status if you if you be really in that general mould. Ther really are greatly of good and thoughtful USA citizens. My daughter is one of them. Long may our alliance prosper!
As someone else said adjectives countries have their advantages and disadvantages. I don't think Id read out you are all brainwashed just massively patriotic.
I do think films and Hollywood hold a lot to answer for as Americans are always portrayed as adjectives singing all dancing we love america and americans are the best sort of precocious arrogant society and that's what the rest of the world sees, but most intelligent people can see that not adjectives Americans will be like that, there will be some everyday people too (I hope anyway)
We are planning a trip to America so I hope its a great place x
Throughout history, America has come to the aid of those surrounded by need, worldwide. Accomplishments were shared near others, food was sent to help the hungry, medical supplies be sent where needed. Many have come here to finally own a taste of freedom and liberty, fleeing from their oppressors contained by other countries who rule, dictate, and control.

Yes, America is great - - and those who are "brainwashed:" are the ones who refuse to acknowledge it, for whatever use.
As a result of brain-draining other nations, the US acquire some of the best talents and brains of the world. These immigrants did variety the US "great" in terms of financial and, thus, military power. But the rest is mythology. Your food, art, music (bar Bernstein and Copland), coffee, products, etc., are all second-rate. E.g. you still imagine that your coffee is the best (and have the cheek to spread Starbrick and the rest), when in reality really correct coffee is found in Italy, or even France.
No, I don't believe USA is the best country in the world, and that really is a matter of persoanl evaluation. I believe all countries have their advantages and disadvantages. I've never be to America and I have nothing against America, don't receive me wrong. My friend in London has be to New York a few times on holiday, she thinks that London is a lot better, its prettier and have more culture! She also reckons that New York is far too commercialised and has no tangible character, but thats not coming from me, that's just my friend's view. We have lots of nice countries here in Europe similar to England, Ireland, France, Belgium, Spain etc. I also know that the public healthcare system here in Europe is alot better than America, in Europe healthcare is FREE! :) I also know that the infrastructure within Europe is a lot better than America, the public transport is supposed to be better, I heard that the railing network is quite impossible in America? The currency is also a lot stronger here contained by Europe, 1 Euro currently buys $1.32 and 1 Pound Sterling currently buys $1.60! :)

I have no disrespect though for you or your country, I hold the upmost respect for your country and its peoples, I just don't hold a stereotypical idolized view of America. I would similar to to go to New York and Los Angeles someday, I aspire to go to these places simply to see what all the hype is about, but at the pause of the day, it wouldn't bother me if I never went to America. Source(s): I'm proud to be English! :D I don't mena to lead to any offence but all i ever see is Americans pro claiming them selves surrounded by the best of well.. EVERYTHING..

Education; Health, Doller,the nation it's self, government,production,and cars which have always be proven to be nasty and cheapish..

I don't think the Education their is great nor the robustness care nor the government.

Things close to science i would say is good their and medicene etc.
Try going to other countries in the world and speak and do some of the things we CAN do right here in America. I bet you would be jailed for life, shot or hung! Source(s): Freedom is America! no we are not
deem what you want but i will continue to no that this country i live in is the best country contained by the world in my opinion..
As brainwashed as North Korea. Don't your children still swear an oath of allegiance or sing the national anthem with a flag within the corner or something? If that's not brainwashing, then I don't know what is. I mean that's basically mad, isn't it?
Yes!I believe that they are indoctrinated from birth to mistakenly believe that they are better than they really are.
Add to this daily doses of John Wayne,Robert Ryan and Robert Mitchum films only just adds to the confusion.
Over the years I have notice that their education system only concentrates on the battle they have won such as the American Spanish war,The American Mexican period of war and the War of Independence.
But 'airbrushes and re invents history to show them in a very shows potential light when it come to the wars they own lost such as the war of 1812-1815 in focused the Battle of Bladensburg fields when a force of 4000 Canadian militia and 2000 British regulars commanded by Sir Robert Ross and Admiral Sir Alistair Cochrane defeated an American force of 30000 American regulars commanded by American General William Winder.
When are they going to admit that the time of war of 1812-1815 was the direct result of an American cowardly pre emptive strike on a Canadian city where they put innocent Canadian men,women and children to the sword that label the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor pale into insignificance.
Never mind Americans concentrating on the Battle of New Orleans.When are they going to tell their young at heart about American attrocities committed against Canadians in 1812?
In some ways Americans ought to hang up their heads in shame concerning certain aspects of their history!
There's a difference between anyone proud of your country and being completely up your own *** the only article that annoys me are Americans who seem to get within history lessons from Hollywood
We are, you got NUTHIN!!

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