No more council houses for vivacity, say David Cameron - is he right?

"The Prime Minister said the Government may introduce “fixed period” tenancies to ensure new social housing tenant can be evicted if their circumstances improve."…
I heard right-wing Tories spouting this sort of prejudiced groundless un-researched $hit within the 1980's and it hasn't improved with age.

Ye god, what did this country vote in?

Oh for a genuinely left-wing Labour Party.... but I don't cogitate that's going to happen. Were stuck with that pseudo-Tory New "Labour" bollocks. And, for very soon, the ConDem(ned). **** 'em.


Two thumbs-down! Right, let's annoy a few more Tories.

The biggest myth here is that council house tenants are getting an easy subsidised ride at the expense of the rest of us...

Look at it this road. Not a word has been said around the way the housing market is artificially skewed to aver house values for those lucky enough to own them. This situation is manipulated to keep hold of house prices artificially high, so as to maintain the hallucination that a house is not just a place to live in, it is an investment that will transport on growing in value year upon year.

This inevitably knock on to private rents, which in order to money the landlord's inflated mortgage and turn a profit, also have to be artificially inflated.

Yet nothing is said give or take a few this - the way the private sector subsidises the banks who issue high-ranking mortgages and correspondingly reap inflated interest and commissions on what they lend, nor the way anybody renting privately is inevitably paying an artificially high rent to their hotelier.

The house price crash will come, it's going to hurt a lot of people who thought they have an investment rather than a home, it'll hurt the politicians in power when it happen, but this is inevitable. But every bubble bursts eventually.

And by the way, what happened to adjectives those billions of pounds councils gained when Thatcher forced them to sell bad their council housing stock, but which Thatcher expressly forbade them from spending on new social housing? Most of them are still sitting on this cash and should know how to use it on new council homes - these are sorely needed!

Oh, and Barroness Uddin is about as "labour" as Margaret Thatcher's not here buttock. Don't let the name of the bash fool you: after Blair and his cronies took over, it lost any sort of socialist credentials it ever had and became a moment ago another centre-right party preaching and practicing warmed-over Thatcherism. Uddin is just another example of this.
I am inclined to agree with him but I can foresee problems putting it into practise. People invariably ask to be put onto the Council waiting index because they cannot afford to buy their own house or pay private rent. Their circumstances can change and contained by the past many hold bought their house as sitting tenants. It would mean that tenant would have to be assessed regularly as to their means and should they be glorious spenders then they would have no money available to place as a deposit on a private purchase. Would they then be evicted?
Good, make culture who can work actually work for their lodging and get their own house. Also, while they're at it, throw out anyone who uses religion to prove right his hatred of women and gays and non believers.
If people who own lets say climbed a rung if they choose to still live within a council house then let them if they do not does this not pose the request for information why? for the government to intervine it has to be because they are taking a autonomy lets not forget not all council tenant go on to rob the country through Banks that was the tenant who believed they would get a better life beneath the last party that served beneath the Banner Government and moved to say more affluent parts of the Country Source(s): "Country House"

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BLUR Its a bad concept, People need somewhere to live, he forgets about community and neighbours. However here are some problems that need tackled, I know single population between 18-25 who have 3 bedroom houses to themselves, the parents move away or find new partner and move out, because the person living with his parents cant be expected to move, he-she get the family home. I would force that person out and put a family unit in.
Cameron gathering killed of social housing,by selling most of our stock.The man's MAD!
P S remember mad Maggie
Yes I construe this is fair, people seize council houses because they are desperate and in need. Then some of them budge on and get decent job and still keep the council house even though there are loads of single homeless parents out at hand who need housing

People don't earn council houses
yes he is take this situation
A personality living in a council house running their own business earning lb250.000 to lb300.000 a year minimum at the moment they are surrounded by that house for life while you have a pensioner getting newly lb906 per month pension plus lb287 income supplement making their total income lb1193 a month paying lb650 a month in rent contained by the private sector leaving them just lb543 a Month to live on they apply for a council property they don't mind if it is a house bungalow or flat they are on the index for over 3 years so far been told they have 250 points but requirement at least 700 they get 4 points a year only for being on the list who deserves a council property the most. This is not me but an actual bag
He is right.
Subsidised housing for life should be abolish.
This is an area that needs urgent cleaning up.
Get the scroungers out.
Hi there.
Of course he is right. Social housing is for the benefit of society, not the individuals.
We any build enough for all (not going to crop up right now) or use what we have more efficiently. So if you don't entail it, you shouldn't have it. Also, if you are in an indecorous house - say the kids have departed and two of you are rattling around in a four-bedroomed house - they should downsize you and reorganize the house to an actual family unit.

It sounds cold, I know, but we necessitate to be efficient for ecological as resourcefully as social reasons. these houses don't belong to the tenants, they only think they do.
Cheers, Steve.
Some People mightn't muse its the governments job to provide housing and job but social housing is needed more than ever. Good tenants should be protected, not forced out should their situation improve. Cameron desires to take a look at the abuse of social housing by populace who should have no right to it. I worked on a social housing build. 20 houses lovely job, at passing on over half of the new tenant were from overseas, to add insult to injury one of the unsullied tenants was single next to no kids. Thermalite roof tiles therma block acoustic internal walls double glazing front and back garden next to off road parking. A modern energy rationalized brand new house, council tenants round my opening are lucky if their house gets a lick of paint every 20 years.

Exactly like that NLV, i wonder how tons points she had to swing that. Some housing authorities give 30-60 points automatically for human being an ethnic minority. In some areas 60 points can mean a 2 bedroom flat.

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