Do you regard as the Taliban is right unfolding the Paki-stan elected representatives not to adopt western aid?

They say it will damage the dignity of the country. They did make clear to Britain they would be able to look after them-selves after mother went.I am suprised they will adopt hand outs.
Yes I do agree with the Taliban on this subject. Its the first time I have hear any common sense come out of a Taliban mouth. You cant be damming the West on one appendage, and then screaming for help every time something go wrong. I am sic and tired of trying to include Islam into the West. Let those who are sic of Islam come to us. Those that want to sit within its cruelty racism and hate fuelled authoritarianism should stay in their Islamic country's and stay away from the west.....or perhaps the lure of social protection and free health care shows them up for the bloody hypocrites that they are.
Typical bully boy Taliban tactics, trying to discourage international aid for the flood victims. The locals might come to be too attached to the civilised people from the West when the aid is received.
Another example of how influential the Taliban are surrounded by Pakistan and how 100% correct was David Cameron when he recently made citation to that fact.
I'm sure that any sympathy anyone has for the Taliban completely drained away when they clearly ambushed and murdered those people in the the medical aid convoy, purely for their own demented form of religious spite.
There are multimillionaires in Pakistan, within are also enough wealthy pakistan ex-pats living surrounded by Britain and other countries who can contribute all the aid Pakistan needs. As usual it falls to the gullible White Westerners to bail them out. besides a Nation i.e. Nuclear armed does not need aid. If there be not so much corruption and creaming off of the national assets they wouldn't need sustain. Therefore the Taliban are correct.
knowing whats really going on, I decision they would, I wish our govt would wake up.

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