Can you undo an two year contract beside three broadband as they are truism it is a spoken contract?

The short answer is that the difference between a written and verbal contract is that the former is easier to prove. It is still a matter of what be agreed. Boy, have I seen some folks come unstuck making a verbal agreement with the unscrupolous.
Ex. guide.
Verbal contracts are as binding as written contracts, however they are harder to prove in a dispute or court unless the verbal public speaking was recorded. I find it difficult to believe that 3 broadband would give only a verbal contract. This is a service and as such would allow you to devolution your mind within a certain time mark out, but they are obliged to give you this information contained by writing as part of the sales process. Call them and ask to see a copy of their jargon and conditions and ask them what their complaints procedure is. They should have both of these in writing. I would be awfully sceptical of a company that said a service contract was verbal. How much did you agree to compensate per month? What are your rights? What are the conditions of service? What if something goes wrong? You need a guide and they are indebted to give it to you. I think they are totally wrong and I dont feel they could win an argument in court with a voiced contract as they say it is. The Judge would probably have a pasture day with them.

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