What would develop if the following occured?

The mosque / muslim YMCA building was built in the hinterland of ground zero and some organisation like the KKK or other such groups did a Oklahoma City type bombing to this building, what do you devise the outcome would be.
A HUGE investigation...and if found, those persons responsible would be arrested!
This is a free country and of course it would be considered a abhor crime and/or terrorism. Everything possible would be done by authorities to get to the perpetrators. This is America, and like it or not anyone can build anything where on earth they want when done right. I don't like it being built any but even more than that I would not like not having the right or freedom to do indistinguishable wherever in the U.S. I want. There are heaps other ways to stop and/or delay the building such as possibly purchase the land first. Tie things up contained by City Council etc. etc. I don't even think they have raise the funds to build it yet.

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