Should we re-privatise the bank that we have to bail out?

With the majority of the banks now making a profit again, why should they be privatised again?
Northern Rock be fully nationalised in the recession and Lloyds was in part nationalised in the recession and now both are reporting substantial profits compared to the position they be in last year,… .

This shows that next to regulation the banks will not be allowed to make indistinguishable mistakes of the past, and with keeping the bank nationalised they will not only be able to settlement the amount the government paid, they will also know how to make a better contribution to society with the profits they craft.
We should privatize everything. Government is supposed to answer to us not own or control us.
No - for two reaons.

1. Returning to profit for 6 months does not mean that the crisis is over and the bank are able to support themselves in the short to surrounding substance terms.

2. They haven't paid posterior the billions they owe yet - issuing a sharescheme is not guareented to raise adjectives the money they owe, leaving the tax payer out of pocket.

If you do privatise them very soon and the worst happens we the taxpayer will have lost on the first lot of loans and still enjoy to lend them more. It is better to wait until they have remunerated us back what the owe and have built up plenty resource to minimalise the risk of it happening again.
I cant believe that someone who appears to have some intelligence can seriously still believe that it was Labour that cause the banking crisis and the recession. Someone who answered this question seriously believes that. Obviously a Daily Mail reader and staunch Tory voter who will blame everything on Labour, even the discouraging weather. Well some of us know the REAL culprits who brought this recession and banking crisis to the shores of Britain and it was not the Labour carnival alone.

America started it, and that is why they have the largest debt of any nation contained by history. Greed caused it by greedy bankers lending money to greedy race looking for mortgages beyond their means and who could not afford to repay them on the houses they expected to make a big profit on. Greedy bankers gamble with public money and lost it on taking big risks. And a majority if not adjectives of these greedy people were Conservatives. Yes Conservatives. How heaps super rich Labour supporting bankers do you know?

Gordon Brown bailed the banks out because had he not done so plentiful millions of ordinary people would own lost thier savings, investments, businesses and homes as well as their job. Not bailing them out would have been an even bigger disaster than it be. And just look at what the economy is doing right in a minute, no thanks to the Tory led coalition. Growth is much sophisticated than expected, banks are making profit again and industry is on the move. This has happen due to Labours policies in their last few months. The measures taken by this present mob will solitary be felt in the coming months, and you adjectives better brace yourselves cos the VAT rise, and massive cuts in all departments will have it in mind Britain sinking in to the abyss.
First of all your assumption that one years info under Government control makes Nationalisation a dutiful thing is wrong.

This past couple of years the reality that politicians haven't meddled in the bank affairs, doesn't mean in adjectives they won't they most definitely will. It is what those comedians down at Westminster do.

Politicians are there to see others to get on with their lives. They are useless at running any enterprise. That the bank have returned to profit is because the pressure from the Conservatives stopped Labour from fiddling with how the bank were run day to year.

Recessions happen whatever, they are made worse by politicains rasing the taxes surrounded by times of plenty.

Between 2002 and 2007 should have lowered taxes cut government job, this was a time of plenty when public services paid for by charge (they should be farmed out to private enterprise) should be reduced and Government spending slashed, not the opposite, to be precise what has caused the problems of today.

Nationalisation nearly ruined this country, the little Mining we enjoy is due to putting the Mines back in Public hand. Your term re-privatise is misleading the banks will be put subsidise into Free ownership, they will not be in Private hands, unless sold to the Managers.

Also you are contained by the mindset of those who blame the banks alone for the current situation. It was the standard public along with the banks who be led down the wrong path by Tony B.Liar and his cronies within Improved New Labour, along with the Prime twonk Brown. They should pay out of their spinal column pockets all the money the banks lost.

Fortunately they will be sold stale to the PUBLIC (overseas people as well as Brits) and brand a profit for the nation, when they will start paying Tax and stop costing money.

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