Do I requirement a CRB check for a different employer?

Hi, I understand that CRB checks have no formal authenticity period. I got checked for a errand at a youth festival in 2008 (two years ago now) and hold moved on to various other jobs since. While working for the NHS they be fine to accept this CRB check even though it was from a different source. Now I work for a smaller company and they are unsure whether or not they can use it, especially near it being 2 years old!

Does anyone work for the CRB, or have anyone had similar experience?

Any guidance much appreciated, thanks.
Debbie is right. The real foundation is that you could have committed a crime since the last one be issued.
I recently went through this next to a company I'm working with at the moment. From what I noted, CRB checks don't run out, however most companies like to enjoy them updated every three - five years. After all, they don't know what you've been up to during that time! So it really depends on the company you're working for very soon - they can accept the one that you have, but they are inside their rights to ask that you get another. Source(s):… (Scroll down to the section on Repeating CRB Checks) It's entirely up to them whether they adopt it. If push comes to shove they may need to prove that they made sufficient enquiries before employ you and it may be held that if they relied on an old one they didn't, in certainty, take sufficient steps to check on the up-to-date position.
The rules be changed (not sure when) but you now need a bright CRB check for every new employer, regardless of when the last one be carried out.

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