LAW: on owners rights UK?

i work for a repair company, and 18 monts ago we took an appliance in for repair, before we put any brand new parts in it the customer said hang fire we cant afford it. So we freshly left it.

18 months later he call up to find out we have stripped it and sold it for parts.

Im pretty sure we were right to do so, as we enjoy had no contact from this person contained by the full 18 months.

can any one give me some sort of idea on UK law/legisalation that prove i am right/wrong?

Much appreciated
As the previous answerers hold said - unless you specifically advised the C of your intentions you are in the wrong.

You should hold told them you would be charging for storage.

From Trading Standards website:-

"Uncollected goods

Occasionally consumers fail to collect their commodities after having them repaired or forget to pick up dry-cleaning.

Section 12 of the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 sets out what accomplishment a trader should take to get the commodities collected and makes it clear what he/she can do if they are not.

It is sufficient to have a spy, which is easily visible to consumers, stating how long the trader will keep hold of goods after repair and an intention to dispose of them after this date. Any time period would necessitate to be reasonable.

If no notice is displayed, the trader may stipulation to send a registered letter to the consumer specifying that the merchandise are ready for collection and from where. It also should state the amount owing. Additional notification must also be given if the trader intends to market or dispose of the goods after a certain date and how more proceeds from the sale can be collected." Source(s): Also see The appliance still belongs to the customer. You can't give it vertebrae now though! This technically means nearby has been a larceny.

The best solution is to work out fairly how much the appliance would be worth now if it be there. Then offer this money within place of returning the appliance - or pay the money it was worth as sold for parts if explicitly a higher amount.

In future why not bestow to buy the appliance or have it collected by the owner. If left for too long a time make it clear the company will charge to store it payable in mortgage - or it will be disposed of. Then the ball is in their court. Source(s): Theft is where on earth someones property is taken by someone else when they intend to deprive the owner of it permanently. Theft Act 1968 You're WRONG! and guilty of theft - what you should own done is to inform the owner that you intended to dispose of the item and give him an opportunity to come and collect it.

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