Does the BBC push the multiculturalist agenda and P.C aggesiveley upon the U.K.?

i would have said that its a rip off paying for that per annum licence...
are they trying to brainwash the unsuspecting U.K public into crap that has nothing to do next to us and no place on our shores??
Is this something to do with what is wrong in the U.K.?
The British Isles have be in a state of continuous flux since the Celts walked contained by around 10,000 years ago and displaced the indigenous population. England has always be a mongrel nation and tolerant of new people and brand new ideas. That's why we drink beer (an Egyptian invention although these days even the Europhobes drink lager from Brussels and Strasbourg), guzzle curry and Yorkshire pudding (Belgian again), wear pyjamas and live in bungalows.

Unfortunately being British, tolerant and politically correct (read, not wanting to impose offence) we tend not to stand up to racist bullies. Since I'm Italian, I can tell you to piss off stern to South Africa with your daft apartheid notions. We don't want you in our country.
Trying to follow your link resulted in: "The URL contained a malformed video ID", which is rather fitting as your question contains a malformed idea.

What is the 'multiculturalist agenda and PC'? Can you inform me?

Looking at BBC1 tonight: The One Show, Eastenders, Holby City, The Deep, The News, The Bionic Vet and then a movie: An Unfinished Life
BBC2: Wainwright Walks, Mastermind, Top Gear, Mitchell & Webb, Shooting Stars, Miranda, Newsnight, Coast

Really to find anything vaguely resembling something excluding white British heterosexuality, you have to scour BBC4 where Stephen Fry and Claire Balding are to yourself spreading the multicultural agenda by presenting a wildlife and cycling progamme.

Can you tell us what programming fits your accusations, and how these programmes outnumber and outweigh adjectives the ones that don't? I look foward to your answer

EDIT: Anglo Irish
Can you tell us all the liberal socialist programmes on BBC? Top Gear? Songs of Praise?
To suggest that history have nothing to do with modern age is one of the most foolish statements I enjoy read on in quite some time.

I see you tell us what culture and multiculturalism is not, but you fail to detail us what it is. I would argue that race, inventions and history are all things which engender up a persons or a groups culture.
One common definition of Culture is: "The set of shared attitudes, values, goal, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group" and it would seem that adjectives the things you deny (and also food & drink) fit into that

You say: "ethnicity is not culture", but in YOUR definition, you acknowledge that ethnicity DOES play a section. It's not the whole, but it certainly can contribute, and you've a short time ago contradicted yourself

There is no such thing as a 'native' culture. Every single person on this Island have a different opinion on what British culture is. It's different for everyone

History doesn't have to be 100,000s of thousands of years ago. It can be 50 years ago. But using your width - I would say the decision of the inspired humans to leave Eastern Africa 2 million years ago has a leading effect on our lives even now. If you don't know your past, you won't know your adjectives

I guess that's as close as I'll get to you admitting you own no evidence to back up your prejudices

EDIT 4: Andrew
One minute, you say you are merely asking question. Then later you say you are merely stating facts. Which is it? Where are these facts? Facts from you is adjectives I'm after.

Yes, I dont think there really is such a point as 'multiculturalism'. I've only recently hear the word being used, generally to spread panic and hate amongst people by the prejudiced few.
There are plentiful things wrong with the UK BBC is a very liberal socialist program, a adjectives tactic among the extreme left is to quote history, which has pretty much nil to do with modern age, as an example from the first poster - call England a 'mongrel' nation - even though no see on earth is pure: not Wales, not Ireland and certainly not Scotland - remember this if you ever want to take home a left wing argument.

Multiculturalism does-not-work, many populace confuse multiculturalism (like the first poster) with other things such as see, inventions and historical invasions, even though culture is NOT defined by race, inventions are NOT a culture, and historical invasions actually sought to ERADICATE culture and displace it next to the invaders and of course importing foreign food and drink is also NOT multiculturalism.

Mr . Hairyman - luckily I hold a dictionary on me.... "the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group: the youth culture; the drug culture."

I'll permit you work it out from there. Race/ethnicity is not a culture - it is possible for ethnic groups to adopt a native culture into the one they be born in. Inventions vary - if a beer be invented in Egypt but made in Ireland - who made it? If Fireworks be invented in China but used and made in France - is that multiculturalism? - as expected not.

As for the history remark - you're telling me that things that happened hundreds or thousands of years ago should affect what decision we make in the modern age? THAT is laughable.

Mr. Hairy man, please read properly - I said hundreds OR thousands of years ago, your example be a bit irrelevant because the whole world has already be colonised/settled in.

No such thing as 'native' culture eh? By that logic at hand is no such thing as multiculturalism either - but even if general public have their different views of what original culture is for the most part they can find key aspects they adjectives agree on.

I did not contradict myself.... you just admitted that ethnicity does not necessarily aim having a certain culture, Japanese and Chinese citizens have a lot surrounded by common in inheritance... yet they have completely different cultures.

Then what be the bloody point in responding to my post in the first place! The word is used by liberal politicians every afternoon.
What would you prefer? White supremacy propaganda, the advocacy of racial purity, the preparation of public opinion for the mass expulsion of "non-indigenous" individuals or, better still, mass genocide.

While we are at it why don't we get ride of the Pakis, the Irish, the Jews, the Poles, the Romany, the Commies, the Trade Unionists, all the socialists, the liberals, the gays and adjectives "do-gooders".

In fact, why don't we go the intact hog and get rid rid of everyone who does not have blonde mane and blue eyes?


Who said anything about the majority kow-towing to the minority? The idea of democracy one the "majority" imposing its will on the rest is absurd and not a consideration of reality. Others have described the system we own as a "democratic dictatorship" - the last time any single party get voted for by more than 50% of the electorate was more than partly a century ago.

What would you have the BBC to push then? An Americanised political and cultural agenda resembling that of Fox News in the USA? Would you like the BBC to be purely the propaganda mouthpiece of the senate of the day?

As we live in a democracy of sorts you are free to not study a particular channel or pay envelope the license fee. In the latter event you must be prepared to pay the consequences. If you consistency so strongly about paying surely, as a matter of principle, you will be liable to suffer for the cause? In any event if the BBC were funded by selling or subscription it would still cost you one way or another.

As for brainwashing of the great British public. Next time you go shopping keep watch on what people buy. Even in these straitened times race are more likely to buy brands that have be advertised in the medium than cheaper, generic goods. But when it comes to the political crunch it might surprise you to learn that the British public are relatively capable of making up their own minds.

As for your link. what are we supposed to be watching here? Every video on YouTube around mind control? Or do you believe that we are all victims of some vast conspiracy to control what we cogitate and feel?
Probably not. The B.B.C. see it's connection to Britain as an embarrassment. The B.B.C. see itself as a Global Brand, not a British one. A man summed up their attitude to Britain in their staffing Policy, a subjective observation, but still relevant. The B.B.C. have no trouble filling it's posts in International Broadcasting, they can crawl National Broadcasting Posts easily enough, what is departed over goes into local Broadcasting. That does not sound close to a Company with staff eager to push anything at British citizens.
The BBC is not the motivation of why this county is a rather screwy, Maggie Thatcher and her insane and divisive policies is the root cause, not the Beeb.

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