" Crocodile tears over spell ed milk?

in view of the Government U turn, which could own well been a script from "Yes Minister.

I am only old enough to remember free milk for lower than sevens. at lest half as I recall be wasted, and for me just the smell, of heat milk was nauseating.

I would ban creates of milk gone unrefrigerated, purely on health and safety grounds, and the money, save, giving to provide food for the most in need.

Or is in that a point I may be missing?
Many years ago when we had milk monitors at school at lowest half the milk was unused as the kids didn't drink it. It's high-ranking time all the freebies were stopped to those who don't call for them. Perhaps Mac has forgotten (as Socialists often do) that since Maggie was pilloried as 'The Milk Snatcher' the Labour Government had started adjectives the universal free milk for schoolchildren in this country.
I suspect the fundamentally same people on here who are for the stopping of free milk would be the very same individuals who would have went ballistic if Labour have done it. A bunch of hypocrites. If kids weren't drinking the school milk then they wouldn't be buying it. I individually think it's a ploy by Cameron to make him look close to our savior, get one of his ministers to come out with a hatch up he knows will alienate the voters, and then come riding surrounded by on his white stead to stop it. Well it ain't going to wash with me. I'm still waiting to see what policies are going to be brought within to make the wealthy wages their fair share of the debt, but I suspect I will be waiting a long, long, time.
Take it from me, whatever this Government plans to do or intends to introduce, will be met by those who miss the luxury of 13 years provided by their grind government, when everything was provided by them for the working ancestors and their children.
It just didn't look good. It's zilch to do with anything else. Source(s): btw The government doesn't fritter away the milk. Talk to the head of the school- the bottle stops there.

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