Are socialists selfish ancestors?

My mom and dad both agree that socialists are stupid, lazy and greedy and they need to bring a job. Is this true, I don't know much about politics... contained by fact what is a socialist?
I'm not saying socialists are great, but don't listen to your parents. They watch too much FOX News or Rush Limbaugh and have a sneaking suspicion that everyone is a socialist.

A socialist believes in government, or grouping owned industry. So, all companies would be owned "by the people" so that the value of work cone can be distributed among adjectives the workers instead of going to just the bosses and owners of the company. They want wealth distributed instead of solitary going to a few.

It's a flawed system though, which is why nobody really believes in that.
..........I'm going to assume that you're a troll because that's one of the dumbest questions I've see on here(and I've seen some doosies). Socialism is a different form of government, put impressively basically. As far as your mom and dad go, I doubt they know any socialists to I'd say that their opinions aren't impressively founded are they? I suppose some socialists are jealous people newly like some republicans like hotdogs, do they approaching hotdogs because they're republican? No. The same way that "being socialist" does not sort one jealous.... So yeah well done if you're a troll. And if you're not i would avoid spouting out every single feelings you hear some ignorant, propaganda fed fourty-something year feeble say. You're not a parrot, research this **** and form your own feelings.
Not all of them are. Some are simply naive and follow this spectacular Utopian idea that will never exist. Even if forced balancing of comfortable circumstances was a good opinion in general, placing that much power contained by one group (the ruling group) will always result in a massively high potential for corruption.
Are you sure you are not pulling my leg? If not, I can tell you that mom and dad are pretty savvy inhabitants.You could use a search engine to find the answer, but if you want opinions here's mine.

A socialist believes contained by Nationalization, which us to make private companies to be government controlled. The notion in fact is for socialism to nationalize some or adjectives of the basic Industries of a country. This means a hijack of the private sectors of the economy.(assuming that they owners will receive in recent times compensation) and have the nation run them for the "social good."

As within the UK where democratic socialism has socialization of the steel, guardrail, trucking and medical industries for example. They are now backtracking and trying to reform socialism to more of a capitaslistic society. Sociaalism does become authoritarian so their may be some jealousy of seeing people who own more freedom. Socialism is an ideology that flat out just does not work!

Speaking about socialists people, do you tight they are networking businessmen? If so its normal for them because they get a lot of down-line. Just learn more give or take a few those people and maybe you will obtain the picture.
socialists are dreamers who dont nick into account the fact that respectively and every human being wants to do better than their neighbours/peers etc

socialists expect that the world will be a lovely place where everyone shares equally and drifts throuh life beside little or no ambition

its a students dream, other than students no one else really subscribes to socialism, a small few conceivably but no en masse.

socialism reuqires everyone to subscribe to its charter otherwise it doesnt work, and there is always someone out in attendance wanting to do better
They aren't necessarily domineering themselves, but they do aim to exploit the jealousy of the voters...

well, if "mom and dad read aloud so". are they both employed?
Its a mix of jealousy and pity.

I pity culture poorer than me, and Im jealous of people wealthier than me.

By getting rid of rich and poor populace and bringing them to the same level, I don't enjoy anyone to pity or envy anymore.
No !
Look around you, envy is not the motor. It is putting everyone in the same mold to simplify policies. But humanity is not that simple, is it ?
Not to mention violent and unstable.

With any Socialist it is adjectives about, you are wrong we are right, disagree and we smash your face contained by!

Socialists dont work for a living and expect everyone to pay for them,

Socialists wish departure and harm to the rich and middle classes.

Socialists as history proved are nothing but disorderly, uneducated yobs.

Yet the Labour politicians each and everyone of them are adjectives champagne socialists and probably look down on socialists just like us haters do.

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