What do liberals and conservatives believe contained by?

Can please someone tell me? I don't know much about politics.
Libs believe in the constitution and Republicans /cons believe that you are dumb enough to believe what ever they update you while they destroy the economy and stuff their pockets full of Dirty $$ Source(s): 8 yrs of the Bush Regime! Liberals believe surrounded by CNBC.

Conservatives believe in FOX News.

So watch BBC America. The simply way to stay informed on what's happening within America is to tune into foreign news casts.
Liberal, disappeared, pro social liberties, pro-government involvement in the cutback, pro-political reform.

Conservatives, right, not a fan of homosexuality, smaller quantity government involvement in the reduction, against political-reform, sold off all rule industries to the rich.

Similar as just mentioned, but both have moved to the focus ground on each issue; fence-sitting and appealing to the fickle, politically un-savvy swing voters who don't know their bums from their elbows.

Ultimately, the conservatives want less establishment involvement in people lives and the cutback, however they frown upon life styles that they deem as abnormal or loose, such as homosexuality, abortion rights etc. The liberals base themselves on being socially liberal, i.e. they fully adopt people are gay, etc. They used to be more left near regards to the economy (i.e. they be pro-government involvement, but are not necessarily that way any more. Instead they occupy a more centre ground.

It should also be bare in mind that each participant has its own left and right extremes. For example surrounded by the Liberal party, Nick Clegg is generally assumed to be on the right-hand-side of his party's view, whereas, Paddy Ashdown, for example, would be considered left in his bash. Source(s): political anger Conservatives believe in "justice". Liberals believe in "equality". If you have to sum it up in a word :)

Both are important, but instead of looking at root to guide them, politicians make it into a game.

Liberals are the blue squad and Conservatives are the red team. The game is to win votes by making the other side looks doomed to failure, and by inflating your own appearance. Proving that your side is better is the only goal - not making law that make sense or help the empire.

America likes games, so we play along and don't mind that we get screwed no concern who is in charge year after after.

Jacob W, can you be more biased? You would think "top contributor" would connote you'd have something valuable to provide. Obviously you are playing hardball for the red troop.

Don't believe anyone that can't see, or won't admit to, the value within both sides of an argument.
Conservatives believe every U.S citizen (and adjectives human beings) should be responsible for their own lives and the upbringing of their own families.

Liberals believe that all relations should be under control according to the Liberals and government wills. Which lead into Socialism, Communism, abandoned children, unwed mothers of age and under age.
conservatives believe in living inwardly you income,Liberals be live in spending tomorrows income today, conservatives believe in relations with morals, liberals believe in general public without morals,conservatives believe in enforce laws, Liberals believe in not enforce laws when it is to their benefit, there are heaps more differences,
Conservatives believe in a Constitutionally Limited Federal Government as designed by the Founders of America. They believe that People are endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights which routine rights that do not come from any Government and cannot be removed by any Government. Conservatives believe in Self-Reliance, Free Enterprise and Charitable Contributions and good works. Conservatives believe surrounded by Equal Justice under the Law.

Liberals believe the Constitution is outdated and can be reinterpreted in any bearing that will suit perceived need. They believe in greater and greater Federal Control. They do not adopt that our rights come from the Creator but from Government and can be modified in any manner the Government believes is crucial. Liberals do not believe in Government provided goods and services. They believe within redistributing wealth from those who earn it to those who don't. Liberals believe surrounded by taxation and redistribution based on the wishes of some Bureaucracy fairly than individual charitable contributions. They believe in Social Justice or the use of courts to "correct" what they consider to be unfairness a bit than having laws applied equally.

That is a correct start for you. There is a lot more to it, as well.

Link provides a appropriate source for you.

* Source(s): http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/libera… As far as UK Conservatives and Liberals are concerned, the Conservatives believe that anything valuable is theirs and should remain so. Therefore they sold off adjectives the profit making nationalised industries such as Water, Electricity, BT, North Sea Oil, British Steel, The coal mines and Gas. Once they had made all their friends even richer they bowed out of power and permit Labour take the blame.

Liberals believe in anything that will take them a vote. They change their ideology like the weather. They are laughingly In Power next to the Conservatives even though they were third in the ultimate election. This is because the Conservatives did not have satisfactory votes to give them overall control.
Liberals believe trees should not be cut down. Conservatives believe money grows on trees

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