Speed gun...will i find a ticket?

Today (in the UK) I came round a bend to find myself looking into a speed gun. I hit my brakes but I'd just come down a hummock so I reckon I'll have been at more or less 35. They didn't pull me over at the time but could I still receive something in the post? Also here weren't any mobile camera signs in the area, does that count for anything?

No lectures please, I don't usually speed but i figure I'd lose the speed from coming down the hill when it flattened out...stupid I know, won't be doing that again!
Very good chance - provide it about a fortnight and see (good luck!)
21 light of day wait for the NIP.

They do not pull you over at the roadside and here doesn't need to be any camera signs as the speed limit is enforced 24/7 and not when a speed trap is nearby.
I don't know about the UK but usually if someone is caught speeding beside a speed gun (radar as it's called here in Canada), depending upon how much over the limitation they were going, an officer WILL pull them over, & cite them if vital. If you weren't pulled over, you could have been over the restriction, but not badly, in which armour the officer likely ignored it..which they will at times.
You've admit your mistake here in Yahoo questions/answers ('stupid I know, won't be doing that again'). It's not worth the fine or demerit points off your license.

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