Job seekers Allowance Help??!!?

i lost my job on may19th i was still on work seeker's allowance at this time
because i was only working 8 hours a week

the opening center stopped my claim for no reason to this day i still own not been told why?
so from may 19th i have followed everything they own asked for P45/Payslips
during this time i have been signing on
but i own not received a single payment

last week i found out that the position center have never received any of my documents P45/Payslip etc

they found this out 6 weeks ago but have solely just told me
baring surrounded by mind i call the job center 3 times a week to see how my claims doing

and every time i bid now i seem to start again explain'n why they hold stopped my claim

and now i have no money to attain to my job center to sign on
and there threating to stop my claim (its already be stopped)

im thinking of taking legal action or something
any proposal will be much appreciated
regards chris
I do not have any counsel for you Chris other than ring or contact the CAB - they have the officially recognized power to get answers and preferably tell the "advisors" at the Job Centre what a bunch of idiots they are. From personal experience, most cannot string a sentence together and will fob you rotten.
I had issues with them when I begin working part time and although didn't get any benefit, have to keep going in fortnightly. I even received packages stating my JSA had not altered...what JSA ? How many ethnic group does it take to work out that you are earning money and do not call for to sign on ? There is no consistency and tbh, some of the people I saw there signing on could do a better opening if given the opportunity.
Get hold of the CAB asap.
Call in the local job hub and ask.. If you have been suspended for some pretext you can still claim something called hardship.

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