Will David Milliband will be Britain's first Jewish Prime Minister?

No, I think Disraeli was but that be in the 19th Century.

He will be the first Jewish PM of a world superpower tho, other than Israel.

Also wont that put Muslim voters bad Labour?
I don't construe Milliband and Disraeli are/were practising jews. By PM do you mean Prime minister or can that include President as well? Most of the super powers enjoy a President as leader and that would include France, President Sarkozy is Jewish from what I've read. Labour themselves are their own biggest downfall. Muslims could use a Jewish candidate as a cause not to vote for their favoured party but Labour and their copied socialist/workers ideals cost them the election. Who wants told they sympathise near poverty when the person saying it drives a BMW? Oh and calling a lifelong graft voter a bigot for asking about economic migrants doesn't aid either.
He will know all about cuts.
Those silly Muslims. Yes, it probably will, but I'm American and don't fully understand politics over nearby. Source(s): America, **** yeah! Benjamin Disraeli was of Sephardi Jewish descent but he and his much of family become Christian
Does it really matter how he be brought up?

surely all that matters is that he can do the opportunity well i personally couldn't diligence less what religion or side of the political spectrum they are on, as-long as he is smart enough to get the right decision.

the way some family think i would of thought some may stop voting but i daught it will do much damage,

let see what the mood of the people will be like when adjectives the spending cuts start to kick in

i recon slog wanted to lose this election because it will be the con/libs that will brand name all the spending cuts wich are needed but no one will similar to, as a result i recon labour may get fund in

time will tell Source(s): inference Almost certainly he will, and Cameron and Clegg are scared to extermination as he is just the rival that Labour needs to knock those two love birds stale their perches. At least David Milliband wont be making gaffe speeches or insulting foreign leaders or our own time of war veterans, unlike CaMORON has so far.
* Remembers Micheal Howard and laughs *.
You Brits would actually consider electing a Marxist who be groomed to have that position and who wants to whip away all your freedom under the guise of quell racial hatred?
I'm hoping that it will be his brother.
Possibly but I don't think it would affect Labour's chances of coming wager on to power.
I doubt,but never really know

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