Why are restaurants becoming Halal?

2 examples are KFC and Nandos.

I am Sikh. I live in a predominantly Christian area. Sikhs are the most dominant minority. There are literally simply a handful of Muslims.

I don't agree with eating halal meat. But if I want to wallow in a KFC for example, I now find it a struggle to find a KFC that doesn't serve halal meat.

Do you think it is right that so various restaurants are adopting halal meat, when Muslims form the extreme minorities?
Boycott them.

With KFC, I in actuality told them that I wouldn't be eating at any of their outlets until they reversed this stupid idea. They didn't bother to reply logically. Apparently they're doing a U-turn now. So it works.

It'll be Sharia law subsequent. I can hear the politicians now; "This clearly won't be replacing English law, but we be aware of Muslims ought to be allowed to carry out their cultural rights in lasting types of cases" or some such bull.
Halal slaughtering involves adjectives through the large arteries in the nouns with one swipe of a blade, while a Muslim butcher recites a religious rhyme. All blood is then drained away since the consumption of blood is forbidden under Islamic directive.

Animal welfare campaigners say the method, which is exempted from UK welfare law, is inhumane as animals are not stunned before being kill. We've turned the clock back 100 years just to pander to an ethnic minority.

I would never guzzle any such meat that has been kill in such a cruel and barbaric way.
I wont eat from a place which serves Halal or Kosher only, the style the animals get killed is sick and surrounded by humane, whilst the meat i eat the animals get knock out with a shock, and feel no spasm at all.
But KFC is now doing a u turn after the stores counted a loss surrounded by profits after the news leaked.

I expect the school and other fast food chains like Subway to serve a non Halal risk.

EDIT: (a) Reuben
Sikhs and Christians are speaking out, i'm part of the EDL all is treatment to the group to help us combat radicals.

(a)Mr Tell
They already own Sharia Law courts.

Just look and see if they sell Bacon.
Or look for one of these.
I also heard Cadburys chocolate is Halal.
Halal is disgusting animal cruelty. I suggest you boycott establishments which flog halal products and complain in the strongest possible terms.

The method of animal slaughter used by Jews and Muslims should be expelled immediately, according to an independent advisory group. (2003)

And it's not only restaurants, it's arts school dinners too.

I wonder how much that independent investigation cost. More money down the drain.
How would I know if it is halhal meat when i go to a restaurant .....I would approaching to know.....because I am afraid I dont want to eat it.....
I touch the same as you do about it. But the entry that sickens me to my stomach is people who say things close to, it tastes the same, so whats the difference......The brain comatose British people who are willing to roll over and adopt this kind of animal cruelty in their own country is getting as big a concern to me as the practise of Halal. The British own lost control, because they have lost their balls.
To pander to ethnic minorities who want or constraint their own special ways. As far as i care as a meat eater animals die so i can live. I hate the thought of some heathen prayer person recanted over the very flesh of the animal i'm consuming. It didn't die only so Muslims could eat at the same places as kaffir. The release of an animal is never a religious rite or right for me, its because i like its flesh and humans are meat eaters it should never have anything to do near religion. It won't be long before they get pork expelled unless we stamp this idocy out now. What i find so disagreeable is non halal is allowed if there is no alternative or if the Muslims go depended on it, if they see no wrong in that then why do they insist we follow their ways? A muslim could for example be allowed to munch through pork snout anus bits dog food if there was no other food available. There are more rapid food joints than just KFC so they could set up their own halal Muslim solely shitburger joints if they wanted to.
I do agree with you but lets put this into perspective. God or Allah or anyone else you or I worship surely does not own time to watch what everyone eats. If you drink this meat what is going to happen to you now or contained by the hereafter. These laws are made by men not God or Allah.
It tastes one and the same so it doesn't matter, I agree with you upon this issue but why bother arguing about it cause its not going to renovation.

Edit - i didnt know that Sikh's can't eat halal meat, sorry if i offended you.
1. It seems not cut and dried that Sikh's may not put away Halal. Is it not the case that as there have been animosity between the two faiths, that tons Sikhs choose not to, rather than being spiritually forbidden?
2. KFC's website say:
"We have chosen a number of stores that are located inwardly areas where we anticipate demand for a Halal volunteer from KFC. However, we are committed to offering our customers choice and there is a non-trial restaurant in close proximity. The restaurant controller or crew members will be able to provide you beside the address details should you need them"
and then:
"We will other only purchase high aspect, Grade A, farm-assured chicken from the same leading suppliers used by Britain's chief retailers. We remain committed to the same animal welfare standards and continue to insist that our poultry is stunned until that time slaughter, using a technique called 'stun-to-stun' - a pain free process that make the animal insensible to pain and suffering. All our suppliers are contractually required to meet or exceed adjectives relevant UK and EU legislation."

I'm sure you are aware that some interpretations - especially from UK Muslims DO allow stunning before killing, making it profoundly less torturous.

Frankly I'm surprised you didn't have a look at what KFC have to say

It's harder to know Nando's stance, but this link suggests that they too stun their chicken past slaughter:
http://www.ramadantimetable.co.uk/home/a… Source(s): http://www.kfc.co.uk/about-kfc/halal/ Halal meat doesn't taste any different from the normal meat that you devour. So people who aren't Muslims can eat both types but Muslims can get through only halal so it's better to have halal places.

I do muse it's right that resteraunts are doing that because Muslims are all over the world and they are so not a minority. Just because your religion is more then Muslims doesn't parsimonious you can control everything. The Muslims live there as well as you so you hold to learn to share. :D

In a democracy like England, it is a material shame to hear a story like this.

But, I'm afriad this country is too scared to speak up against Muslims...and so they other seem to get their route to some extent.

The Sikhs and Christians should stop sitting backstage and let their voice be heard, rather than letting Muslims hog the spotlight.
Nearly adjectives animals are killed in a cruel carriage. Here in the USA and many places that we bring our meat from poke holes in the animals, mutilate them, slam them around, cut them open alive, etc.

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