Dont you construe our soldiers entail more respect and appreciation when they come home from a time of war....?

This sort of thing is getting to be quite a mannerism.....who the hell do these people think they are who trademark there own rules......well I am one personality who does respect and appreciate you.....treating this soldier this way is absolutely disgusting..…
what uniform is that he is wearing? i've been in the heavens force for almost 5 years and i have never seen any service appendage wearing that uniform, not american anyway... but yes, in answer to your question we deserve closely of respect, not like a red carpet or anything, but we deserve much more than what is given to us
Some military people are good and hold done nothing wrong. Others are cold blooded killers. People who slaughter other people have psychological problems. People who butcher other people, because they're received orders from a so-called 'superior' enjoy even deeper psychological problems. Also, many people surrounded by joining the military do so out of some sense of obligation and have not truly thought for themselves.

What is for dependable is that government should spend more on rehabilitating people who be in the military, especially those involved in murder.

All relatives deserve respect.
Soldiers are respectable within civil society of all countries to which they belongs.They fight to amass their homeland from aggressors.
I respect them regardless if they are returning from combat or not Source(s): U.S.Army Disabled Veteran
19K20 M1A1 Abrams Heavy MBT
1990-1996 Whenever you see a military service accomplice a simple Thank you goes a long way. My husband loved that during his 20 year occupation. Our service members deserve no less and much much more.
We immediately live is a world with very little respect for anything, family who put there lives for us are treated like dirt, they do not deserve this but Im affraid I dont see anything shifting.
People dont see the true side of the war, they dont even see it as a war, probably because what we recognise as time of war was WW2, our grand father etc, we hold the upmost respect for WW2 veterens and those who died, but today there is no respect.
But then again society in the 1940 had alot more respect anyway, they be being bombed and had to look after respectively other, the war was on our doorstep and at hand was no avoiding it.
Nowadays we live in a greedy world where on earth we can just shut our eyes to the crap thats happening surrounded by the world and pretend it doesnt exist.
Hell yes, with a father in the Marines I see this stupid stuff. I guess him self an officer makes him different... the enlisted gain treated the worst.

wow. thats sad. yea they deserve more ..

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