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Hi i accidentally set the kitchen on fire for the house that i am currently renting. The kitchen ceiling and wall paint was prejudice. But all the other electrical appliances including the kitchen stove is working like average. I was told by the landlord that i own to pay for all the damages cause to the house if his insurance wont cover the cost of damages. Do i have to pay? However F.Y.I he did not put a proper alarm system where on earth the smoke ditactor was disconnected and not working when the fire took place and miserably i guess ever since we've moved in. So he violated the health and sanctuary rule. Furthermore when i told him about the fire alarm he said he was connotation to fix them but the people who were suppose to do so did not contacted him vertebrae. So since this happen he started to be a bit harsh where on earth he angrily said its my fault and i have to pay cheque for all the damages that the insurance wont cover. I am afraid he will take assistance of me where first he wont return my deposit and will ask me to cover all the spoil cost. Is he aloud to do that? For returning the deposit , after we move out from the house he is suppose to return full amount unless there is a damage, isn't it. Does the prejudice include the fire damage of the house. Please help me. I don't know where on earth to go to to ask for help. Please aid me to answer my question. Can you also advice me on what i should say aloud and do when i meet the landlord subsequent time? thank you..plz help. i really appreciate it. thank you
You cause the fire, you have to pay for it.

The fire alarm argument might work except for a few details; the first individual that you were aware of the problem and did nothing to fix it any, the second that the fire was apparently caught in satisfactory time to do minor damage (for a fire, that's very minor).

If you're worried just about the landlord taking advantage I'd procure an independent company, or two, to give an estimate. Just for you, just so you know. Then if the hotelier tries to say it'll cost double, you'll have proof. He get to pick who fixes it, but this will stop him making the number up.

This is an excellent reason to have elemental renter's insurance. It costs as little as 25-50 pounds a year. So get an estimate for that as well.
wash down the soot, and re paint..cost about $ is YOUR responsibility to generate sure the fire alarm is in working your enthusiasm its meant to save.
This is a reminder that renters insurance is something any tenant should strongly consider. In this case the impairment appears minor and the costs small. Luckily! RJ

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