Car crash forensics, are they 100% precise or can they be challenge surrounded by court?

I was involved in a minor collision going on for a year ago, there were no casualties basically damage to both cars. Now i have basically received a letter from my insurance company stating that after they have assessed the vehicle the crash could not have happened the passageway i had described and i must have staged the crash. This is complete bunk and what i was wondering was, if the crash forensics troop have come to this conclusion it obviously process there results can not be 100% definite. Does anybody know how precise these crash forensics test are and can they be challenged in court??
There are no forensics that are 100% precise. Everything can be challenge in court, even things that are nearly 100% certain similar to DNA.

I have to imagine that crash forensics are much smaller quantity precise because there are so many variables to narrative for in a crash and it's all give or take a few interpreting the evidence. Unless there's a camera filming the crash you could probably find some expert to argue a different interpretation of the results.
Anything can be challenged contained by court. You can challenge the existence of gravity if you'd like, it adjectives comes down to the justice hearing the suitcase, and which set of witnesses he believes.

Essentially, to challenge it, you'l have to hire your own crash investigator, who will stir over the report from the company and look for flaws in their reasoning. Generally, it isn't the facts that are in dispute, but the conclusions which are drawn from it.

Find yourself a legal representative is step one.

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