Legal or moral responsibility?

my current contract is for retail supervisor, for the past 2yrs ive been doing the manager job and getting paid responsibilty rate, ive now been told that im getting moved (im on mobile contract) because within is a manager in another store to be exact closing and they have to find her a job by ruling, i agree with this but that means im going backbone to being a supervisor because of this, i have previously be told i couldnt have the managers chore because there was no vacancie as a supervisor could conduct operations it, now because they have to find her a place they are creating a chore that ive been doing for 2yrs, can they do this??
Sorry Joe but yes they can.

Know how you feel. I sold up and moved house because I thought I be going to a managerial post. I won't bore you with the details but four years down the smudge and it ain't happened.

I didn't even think they have to find anyone a job by law.

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