How do you seize ancestors to sign a petition?

I want to get people to spread the perception around a bit, and I want to get people to look in the petition. Are there any places on the web I can procure people to find out about it?
This is it -
Putting links up on sites like this is probably a angelic way. You could also start a blog about how unreasonable it is that tv companies don't show much of a sport type that few people want to watch but it's going to be an uphill mission. If women's football was any good ancestors would watch it, it's not so hardly anyone does.
to get people to sign you stipulation to ask a decent question.

if you want womans football to be popular turn to italy or germany

its not what youd call a popular event, no one is interested surrounded by comparison to the real game otherwise in attendance would be a demand that the broadcasting companies would recognise and react to. The tv companies arent creating a wage tear - the demand for that paritcular version of the sport, or the insufficiency thereof, is why it isnt covered.

just face it, womens football isnt popular within the UK - its no big deal, just the approach it is

now run along and cook some eggs fro the boys!
Online petitions aren't worth the tabloid their not printed on.

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