What are my rights as a mother within an access arrangement?

I split up with my ex 18 months ago, we have 2 daughters ages 2 and 5. He have them on a saturday night till sunday evening for 17 months. i tried going to uni last year to study nursing and found the 40 hour placements a struggle near childcare. If I ever asked him to watch the girls for an hour or so between my childcare provider and me finishing my shift, he would categorically say no every time, he said it is my choice to stir to uni and my problem.
I completed the year (JUST) but 2 months ago he decided that he only required them fortnightly instead of weekly as he 'wants a life' (going on social events with friends etc..). The girls have really notice that there is such a massive gap between seeing daddy very soon :(
The thing is, the arrangement has other been about him getting what he requests to suit his job, but obviously that didn't work both ways.
When going for an access arrangement, will the courts support his outcome to change the arrangement from the 18 months of weekly to the new fortnightly accord that he wants??
He tells me that in the future I will wake up and realise that there's more to life than man a mum!!
oh dear!
it sounds like he couldn't care smaller amount for the kids, and that you are trying to better yourself.
as for waking up, maybe you should transmit the court what he said,he certainly isn't being a father.
detail the court, that your kids keep asking for him, then the court might insist on him seeing them more.

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