Joining the British army?

Hi I'm 15 going into year 11 and im seriously considering joining the army, i talked to my uncle about it (ex military, saw service surrounded by Ireland) and he said i should definitly aim to go in as an officer and grasp qualified in a profession in the army. i'm not rather sure what he meant by this but please could any of you help me know?
also, though i know its not the same as the real piece, but i'm in the cadets very soon (NRGS CCF) so i do know a bit about rifles, exercises, drill etc and i would really like to merge the army
Also if i went to university before joining up, where on earth are the best uni's that have an OTC near them or as division of the establishment?
Another thing that owrries me is that i have a knees injury that im hopefully gettin surgery on soon and after 6 weeks off my feet i should be angelic as new, and since i don;t plan to join until i''m atleast 18 this shouldn't be a problem ( the conscription site said you can't join if yo have have knee surgery in times gone by year) another hthing is as a child i had asthma, and though i've grown out of it, i still have a slightly tight chest... i still can however, already do the required mile surrounded by within the time, the 13 pressups and 37 situps)
my grades so far are B- A so i'm quite confident, and i'm doing 10 GCSEs
i'm so sorry this is so long-winded i merely really need some advice!

plus if you wouldnt mind, could you dispense me some advice about describing my parents i want to join up aswell, my mum basically raise the uncle that went into the army, as their parents died when he was infantile, but when i even mentioned the army to her she got upset/angry, though i think that may be the thought of me getting shipped of to Afghanistan... as for my dad i'm not sure what he would say-so but i don't think he will be very pleased :(

please lend a hand, thanks in mortgage for your answers! :)

You are coming of age now. Time to step up and make your own decision like a man. Anything you need to know nearly the Army can be found on the Army website. You can even talk to recruiters online. They will give you better guidance than anyone on here.

At the end of the day you involve to think about what trade you want in your life in a minute. Your choice.
No parent would ever want to hear that their child wants to run the risk of being kill or maimed to the point of living the rest of their life disabled. Have a big deem about the risks first - imagine how difficult it would be to live next to no legs. How much would it hurt your parents if you were to die or end up close to this before age 20?

Your grades are good - isn't in attendance something better you could use your mind for, since you're obviously pretty intelligent?

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