Can my mother be his guardian minus his mothers consent?

My 15 year old boyfriend, who lives with his mother, is constantly one harrassed, abused, screamed at, unfairly grounded and irrelevant out of the house.
His last grounding was for eight weeks and we be not allowed to see each other.
I won't be in motion into it, but basically she's jealous of me for mortal closer to him than she is. Because she likes her control.
He wants to run away here, and enjoy my mother as his legal guardian, and I am wondering how /would this work, what are the conditions we have to comply to, and how we would run about it.

Bonus Question: How many times would he enjoy to run here before anything would be done about it, and what would be done?
If you are within the UK, if social services felt he was at risk, they could remove him from his mother's trouble, but there is no guarantee that he would be allowed to stay at yours. It would depend on their assessment of what was best for him. It would probably be the Local Authority who would become his guardian until he reach 16.

It would be worth your boyfriend having a chat with them though.
What you are talking something like would be classified as kidnapping. There is no possible way to do this short his mothers consent.
I realize you think it is unfair (grounding) but I assure you, his mother have good reason.
I also assure you his mother is not overprotective of a little girl. You may feel, and even insist she is controlling of you, but again, she is not. She is an adult

If 16 is the legal age, merely wait it out and move in together.
no and it sounds close to he doesn't obey the rules of his parents or parent, are you the cause of it? remember rules are made to trademark sure he grows up not getting in to jams and twisted up in jails which are full of kids who would not listen to their parents or have parents who didn't care enough something like their kids to keep them out of trouble
no not unless the parent hold given consent or the courts has for some reason your boyfriends mother can bring back you mother arrested for kidnapping a minor. if the cops are called so i would update your boyfriend to go home, if he's being abused after he need to call the cops and chitchat to them about the abuse.

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