It's give or take a few snoring and soldiers.?

What do the Army do with snorers when they are doing manoeuvres? Say it's a situation where they hold to be silent for hours on end and everyone gets a few hours sleep. Will they a moment ago not pick loud snorers to do this kind of job? They could not deny the soldier sleep because he could not function but, his snoring would endow with away their position. Does anyone know how it's handled? Thanks.
one, your icon is a female, females are unacceptable, i would think you knew. two, i believe, they cart shifts and they'll wake you up if you start to snore.. Source(s): me, my dad and most of the family are us military vet. Do you have a life partner? what do you do if they snore? you bestow them a little knock to turn them over. In the field they don't provide anyone a knock they just chuck a well aimed stone at their head.
idk, I was on a sub, but I understand that at Valley Forge Washington ordered that men who snored have to have wooden balls sewn on the wager on of their nightshirts to keep them from sleeping on their backs.

Sort of the 18th century equivalent of making your sweety wear one of your frail bras backwards with tennis balls surrounded by the cups.
Lol i doulbt it unless they camped out surrounded by the wilderness.

But mostly they sleep in heavily defended basis and forts.

Most military personaell at night tend to be more active as it can hold a huge advantage on the enimie if they do not have hours of darkness vision!!

But its hardly likey to sleep contained by the woods say.. they all sleep at military camp after their missions.

And enimies can't go anywhere near it lacking being shot.

Special forces however now they will be required to sleep indiscriminately like.

did you know snipers are the eyes and ears and it can take them 3 weeks to move a couple of inches ?? i aint playing around !

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