What can I do something like my stolen property due to defective workmanship?

I moved into a brand new development next to a 'secure' bicycle storage facility recently. Last week thieves enter the store and took away 2 mountain bikes which were double-chained to the installed frames - they did this by simply undoing the bolts securing the frames together and lifting the locked bikes over them.
Firstly, the door to the storage area be insecure - a key code system that failed to work properly, a banister connected to the ground on one side that you can reach through with your appendage and lift to release the mechanism, and the knob on the other side which could also be reached and opened by sliding your mitt through the grille.
Secondly and more importantly, the security nuts (or shear-nuts) used to bolt the frames together had not be sheared off when installed, leaving them unscrew to vandalism. How they work is when enough turning pressure is applied, the hexagonal section breaks away to take off a tamper-proof dome. All the thieves needed was a spanner to hold them contained by place and undue the bolts.
This is something I was not aware of until after the theft.
Myself and other residents have made phone calls and sent emails to the developer highlighting these problems over the weeks before but no deed was taken, leading to the theft of maine and other bikes.
If anyone could give useful proposal, please let me know if I have a grip against the builder for negligence. Thanks
I would think you have a claim for negligence, however:

It may depend on the builders jargon and conditions, who actually paid for the work, your own contract etc.

Your best course of undertaking is probably to visit your local Citizens Advice bureau, they will be able to step over the details with you and possibly arrange a consultation with one of their solicitors.

The actual claim will most promising be made via the County Court using a standard small claims form.

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