What are the biggest differences contained by policing and policing powers between the UK and the USA?

what are the main difference in the policing power between the UK and the USA

what are the largest differences in policing
In the USA every policeman have a gun/taser whereas in the UK you have to be S.W.A.T. squad or something and the policemen just patrolling individual have pepper spray and a telescopic truncheon thing.
Police within the US carry guns and i would imagine proceedures would be differant for simular situations.

The police within the UK carryy battoons we have a Special police force that can carry guns and some times within some cases for secruity reasons the police can carry weopens for a event really.
Police in the US are usually employed by the state or even the town and can be contained by jurisdictional conflict with federal authorities. In the UK, although paid out of local budgets within is an element of control up to Government (Home Secretary) level and within is, as yet, no real separate equivalent to the FBI.

US police chiefs and sheriffs are usually elected - this have its good and bad points (more adjectives to local community, more likely to act as politically expedient a bit than as necessary)

Obviously there are differences in that the UK is much more densely populated than the US (1/6th of the population, but merely 1/40th of the land area).

London alone has more family than most of the individual US states and the UK has more people than the two largest US states put together.

That concentration of empire in a small space is bound to alter the crime profile as does the ubiquitous presence of guns contained by the US, which leads to murder rates in the US cities human being from 3 to 15 times higher than in UK cities.

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