Is it permitted within England to mark off your property near signs which read out...?

"Tresspassers will be shot on sight! you have be warned" even if you don't intend to shoot anybody
No some fool will sue you for mental anxiety.
"In England we don't own a lawsuit-culture" do you not watch TV with every other advert on beside a freephone number to get money if you have be hurt at work in the street, in an misfortune etc and it wasn't your fault..............Of course we have a lawsuit culture or it is speedily going that way..........what you are suggesting is can't even put up a sign on your proceeds to say " beware of the dog" as if someone comes into your garden and the dog bites, you will be sued and the dog PTS as it is deemed by putting up the sign you know it could happen.....and even if the dog is in the house and they climb through your porthole into your house the same will happen.............what we don't hold is tresspass all those signs you see that say " Tresspassrs will be prosecuted" mean nothing unless the tresspasser cause more than lb20 worth of damage.
If you defend yourself inside your house against a burgler for example you are feasible to be arrested and could be charged if it is shown that you attacked with unreasonable force or used a 'weapon' like a rolling pin or pierce from the cutlrey drawer.

But in the event that you injure any trespasser on your property, by any money and even in self defence, that sign would be used as evidence of a prior intention to spoil trespassers. In other words, your sign may come back to haunt you.

You could not be sued for "mental anxiety" for putting up the sign because: (1) the courts will with the sole purpose award damages for diagnosed psychiatric conditions and (2) in order to claim for psychiatric injury, you enjoy to be in actual physical danger, or close to someone who is (to put it simply).
well average people will find it funny so no someone by me as never mind the dog beware of the kids its ur house put wat ever u want up

but that sign seems to take home u av issues
Could write "sh*t" to add to the adventure, plus drill several sizeable holes in the sign to give them a better opinion.

A sensible answer.
Yes it is illegal.

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