So, which country will America move about to period of war next to subsequent?

The Iraq war is coming to an end soon. Americans love period of war and need something to keep them busy for the subsequent several years.
I think possibly Canada it's close it would be easy and it would be fun Must be planned out well Like be do we have lunch after we take them out surrounded by the morn
''Plaid shirt and boots take him out we well see freshly how good that free health supervision is''

Y'all right Americans love war y'all like to do what y'all honourable at Also remember we are called the ''over sexed'' ones over the pond Just as our military is the best equipped to do the job we hold the bes that would be boasting
One would think y'all really good at flower arranging
Our govt is currently declare war on the Tea party and similar groups. So America's current govt will jump to war (figuratively) with the USA.
Hopefully it will be some shitty eastern european dump, i'm sick of the eastern europeans stealing job. God bless America, i'm sad they aren't Muslim then the USA would blow the crap out of Poland
The 5 men in the back room are still flipping the Indian come first nickle on that
A lot of countries on the globe on the desk to flip for
As adjectives recent American wars can be traced to oil production it will probably be the UK which strikes me as silly.
I indicate BP just delivered millions of barrels of grease right on their doorstep
Hope this helps
Good luck
Toss up between Iran, North Korea, and Venuzuela.

What make you think Iraq is done?
Hopefully with themselves. Another civil time of war would be nice and then the rest of the planet could live in peace once again.
Whoever it is, be sure that it will be someone allot smaller than the USA both within military terms and economic language, just in satchel they get their butts shot off. Rest assured though, we British will be shoulder to shoulder next to them thanks to the latest poodle we elected the other week. Special relationship LMAO.
ofcourse iran, but not in this time of crisis.
*pins map on the wall*

*throws dart*

"poland it is then"

"sir that's libya"

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