Do you agree this is because of adjectives?

the illegal and legal immigrant coming in to our country ..making us into a 3rd world country.... even bringing in adjectives the the cause of this.....I do....…
Oh lord, not another super bug scare. First it was bird flu, consequently it was swine flu.

Answer no, but not because of immigration, but because the flu is not worth our time.
The writing for the pause of this country is on the wall. It will not be long before the indigenous population is at the mercy of the hordes of immigrants. Eastern Europe empty its prisons and many of its mental institutes, giving the undesirables one-way tickets West, thus exporting their problems in a issue of weeks.
Unfettered immigration is not good for any society, when instead of small groups coming to these shores, easily assimilated over several generation, we are forced to endure a virtual invasion, destined to destroy the highly fabric of our society.
Politicians are powerless to act, and for reason of their own unwilling to address the problem. Source(s): The Land of Common Sense I think in the untimely days, when we the so called conquerors invaded foreign lands, we gave the natives adjectives sorts of diseases, now it seems they are returning the trait.(lol)
You are right in your thinking, when you bring in a few different cultures, the mix is not always an acceptable factor when it comes to robustness.
Im afraid the cause is money and greed . cheap workforce forces wages down in every other job and impoverish everybody except those used to living on the barest minimum (immigrants). We then become second class citizens in our own country . it have happen twice in the world beforehand once in the Hawaiian islands were the Chinese immigrant outnumbered the indigenous population and voted in there own race and literally took over the whole island . Until the Hawaiians armed themselves and kicked the Chinese out . We see it happening here near the help of bleeding heart do gooders and politically correct brigade now controlled by immigrant . Unless we do something soon we will not be a race but immigrants ourselves.
yes that sorta stuff does happen and illegals bring a big financial burden onto the country that they settle contained by.

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