Why don't British cops convey guns?

Have British laws about cops not carrying firearms other been like this and except when did it start and why? I mean how do the British cops fight bullets near batons and nightsticks? Criminals don't care nearly the laws anyways so they carry guns and cops don't which seem crazy since that obviously tips the balance of power surrounded by the criminals favor. Please help me understand this strange tradition because as a world traveller it still disturbs me greatly. I've lived within Germany, the USA, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and cops in those countries all transport guns and firearms unlike the U.K. where I have a short time ago visited briefly.
No, This Wasnt My awnser But heres what i found

There are only select police officer who convey weapons in the UK. They truly have units call Armed Units and they repsond to situations that require their asistance other than that you wont see an armed police officer no matter what factor of the uk you are in.

The airport has some armed police here too.

The town I live in there have only been one time that I remember where on earth an armed unit was call to a scene and that was at a petro station where a bloke be holding his wife hostage with a knife. The armed element arrived and 2 seconds later the bloke put the axe down.

and contrary to what some say on here gns are not outlawed in the UK, but at hand are very very massively strick rules on who can get one, why they can get it and how it have to be kept.

It is usually limited to landowners for hunting with shotguns. There are unbelievably few regular people in the UK who are permited to hold a gun and like I said it is usually just for hunting.

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Main articles: Uniforms and equipment of the British police and Police use of firearms in the United Kingdom
Uniforms, the issuing of firearms, type of patrol cars and other equipment varies by force. Unlike police within most other countries, the vast majority of British police officers do not convey firearms on standard patrol; they do however carry extendable batons and CS/PAVA spray. In most forces, CS spray is in a minute obsolete, being replaced by PAVA Incapacitant Spray.

There are, however, exceptions. Every territorial force maintain specialist armed response units, while one territorial force (the Police Service of Northern Ireland) and two of the national, special police forces (the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and the Ministry of Defence Police) are routinely armed, but only in their relevant establishments and not within the public domain.

With the rare popularity of UK Police carrying firearms, it will usually be at an airport or an armed incident. The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) firearms unit is called CO19 (formerly SO19), but every force within England operates an armed response unit. Metropolitan Police and City of London Police operate near three officers per Armed Response Vehicle, a driver, the scene operator who gather information about the incident and liasing with other unit, and an observer who navigates. Other police forces fetch two Authorised Firearms Officers instead of three. Armed Police carry a combination of weapons, range from German Heckler & Koch MP5 carbines, Heckler & Koch MSG901 Sniper rifles, Heckler & Koch Baton Guns (which fire baton rounds) and Heckler & Koch G36Cs to a number of specialist missiles such as the Remington pump-action shotgun.

Addition: They Dont carry guns becuase the british population as a whole are against gun ownership to the rank they dont want their police to carry them except in extreme circumstances
Funny satisfactory, very few police in the UK ever find guns drawn against them, unlike the USA. Have you thought that perhaps in the US criminals transport guns as they know they will need them to be equal to the police? In the UK it is rare for guns to be used contained by crime, and in times when they are, specialist armed response teams can be on site greatly quickly. In certain lofty risk areas, or situation the police are armed anyway.
I have never be there but I think it is because in attendance is a tradition in the UK of police not carrying guns except for at airports. I don't know how they make it work but somehow it does and Japan is also similar. As for those five other countries carrying guns are entrenched in their cultures just as within the UK not carrying guns are embedded in their culture. Every culture is different.
I'm going to break protocol and allow myself to be start for ridicule by my peers, hopefully they will never find this answer. There is a so so-called police force within the so-called UK which is armed. I mean everyone including the females. The police service of Northern Ireland AKA PSNI AKA the RUC AKA the UDA. Yes yes yes Uk doesn't propose British even though the loyalist police call themselves British even though they aren't from Britain but they are classed as a British police force. Source(s): PSNI 93 percent Protestant 100 percent loyalist Lots of people here do not take guns when their equivalent in the USA do.
Apparently in the US the weights and measures inspectors pass guns - the equivalent over here (trading standards) would certainly not want to do so
The Police in the UK own never been armed, some officers enjoy access to firearms, currently about 10% of the police carry firearms, Gun crime is still pretty occasional in the UK, crimes involving guns account for smaller amount than 4% of the total amount of crimes committed yearly,

Police Officers getting shot is also very singular, on average a police officer dying via gunshot happens once every 3 years, and police officers man injured by firearms accounts for less than 2% of all Police injuries per annum.

compared to the other countries you have listed the UK is in truth pretty safe, the murder rate in England is partly the german rate, 15 times less than the US rate, a third of the Australian rate, and 20 times lower than Russia, add to that more relatives are killed by police in brazil than are murdered surrounded by the whole of Britain in a year, (859 inhabitants killed by the police in Brazil contained by 2008 vs 628 murders in the whole of the UK)

next to crime rate like that I would want the police to be armed, but the fact is here is no justification for our police to all be armed.
They have to be nice, and not upset the crooks.
Take it that you don't have any idea nearly the criminals over here.

They don't carry guns because the UK isn't obsessed beside every household having a firearm so armed police are not required. Hence hardly any gun crime, our police convey Asps, CS spray and some carry Tasers and that is it.

Occasionally you acquire the odd idiot with a gun but he usually kill himself before the police open fire.
When the metropolitan police be formed back in the 1830's the officer on patrols at night around the docks be given pistols. This was as the criminal gangs that worked the nouns had a habit of pushing officer into the water from behind, which resulted surrounded by several deaths as swimming wasn't a universal skill hindmost then.

As most have said the UK crime rate does not really prove right arming UK police routinely, and most criminals would not shoot police. This is mainly as the penalties they catch for a normal crime are so lenient that if they shoot a police officer they will take 40 years (apparently) so it isn't worth doing and they will either try to run away or allow themselves to be arrested. The real item that stacks the odds against the police is the ridiculous court system funded by legal aid (all lawyer are free paid for by the state).
Everyone pretty much summed it up, I can only remember 1 character being shot dead close me. It's mostly stabbings that occur, which is rather fear-provoking.
It's because they are unbelievably intelligent.

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