Ive just this minute discovered geert wilders and michael savage own within times gone by be disqualified from britain. can you...?

provide me with a link to a chronicle of people currently barred by the uk system. i am getting this strange suspicion that i'm living in some "invasion of the body snatchers" nightmare, where society whom i know never to have incited violence contained by their lifes are somehow been prevented from entering the country out of some spurious concern for community cohesion.
i'm really minded to look into this properly, because if more people next to similar views are on the list, afterwards it seems like the employment party are letting P.olitical C.orrectness to so warp them that they are behaving resembling paternalistic thought police, in deciding who to not consent to into the country, based on their potential to offend or upset a unquestionable minorities feelings.
Currently banned, in that aren't that many. Very very few indeed, as you pointed out Geert Wilders who also happen to be from a member state of the EU. Funny how they can ban him from entry but hand over benefits to Muslim terrorists and their sympathisers. The list may be available to your identity and passport service. All those marked as undesirables but the home organization will never allow the release of those details. 20,000 potential rapists and murderers are given asylum every year, all without passports or visas. There is an offical register flagged as "undesirables" good luck trying to find it.
well they of late let the president of Pakistan in, leading light of a terrorist state according to our Prime Minister.

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