Does anyone know give or take a few The Irish within WW2 trying to mount scavanged V12 Merlin engines surrounded by Churchill Tanks?

Apparently the Irish tried replacing the twin Bedford engines with scavenged Merlin engines. However for reason I do not know their attempts weren't success full. If anyone knows more something like this I'll give them 5 Points. Cheers John.
Irish Army Service
The Irish Army took delivery of three Churchill Mk VI tank in 1948 and a fourth in 1949. They be rented from the British War Office as trials vehicles until 1954, when they were purchased outright. This purchase be despite the fact that the supply and transport corps workshops, who maintained them, have reported that spares had all but run out. Experiments be carried out involving replacing the existing Bedford engine with a Rolls Royce Merlin engine salvaged from an Irish Air Corps Seafire aircraft. The experiment be not a success, although the reasons are not record. By 1967 only one Churchill remained serviceable, and by 1969 all be retired. One remains preserved in the Curragh Camp. In general the Army have always relied upon lighter, more manoeuvrable armoured vehicles, such as the Panhard AML and FV101 Scorpion of modern times.…
I don't know roughly them scavenging used parts but the Irish army back surrounded by those days after the war when the 26 became a republic they have to retro fit and reverse engineer a lot of equipment. Quick set-up, what do you call the Irish navy? Sean! The Irish army is regard world wide as one of the finest professional outfits there are but its no jape they do hitch rides of other countries. I think they thumbed a lift of the dutch marines more or smaller number to get to Dhafur. So trying to shove a different engine into a tank comes as no surprise especially after a period of war when they hadn't much of their own.

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