Why are Americans usually the most uninformed tourists?

I work at a hotel in Vancouver, Canada and so we get guests from Seattle, Oregon and California. Out of adjectives the tourists we experience, I can easily say that Americans are the most uninformed culture, the most ignorant and completely unaware almost the world outside them. Couple examples: when they ask to break a $10 note, we give them pay for Canadian money and the response is usually, "Hmm, you guys have different money?". Or when we charge them for their stay, they ask if the payment be processed in American dollars. Seriously? I've never heard a Brit ask if the pay was in British pounds. When you're surrounded by X country, you pay in local money unless otherwise mentioned US. Why is it that it's almost other the Americans who turn out to be the dumbest of all tourists? They completely overshadow the smart ones.
You said it yourself, because they are the most uninformed people, the most unconscious and completely unaware about the world outside them.

I feel they're comparable with people surrounded by North Korea or Burma. They are brainwashed .. the poor souls. I pray for them every night.
Well I feel your pain, I use to work within hotels also. But, yes when it comes to Americans there is a tendency of pure ignorance. In the sense for the average American in that is no world, the world is United States of America. So they are in shocked when things work different and not the American way. But my Canadian friend, it's not their slate it's the education system, combined with a isolationism culture. Now that may shocked you, because politically we are everywhere. But most Americans are closed minded. Source(s): personal experience Could you ride a bike if you never well-educated how? Its not their fault at all its the channel they are educated.Im a brit and i just know that they dont use America dollars within Canada but i do know they use Canadian dollars and ive never been to Canada.In some countrys they accept us dollars even though its not their currency because they can help yourself to it to the money exchange and get more value from it.In Britain that wouldnt work because the pound holds more worth than the dollar.
Americans are too busy working, unlike the Can-Nukes and Limeys, to worry about what any of you deliberate about anything.

Btw, most of us don't care one bit what you guys come up with anyway. Source(s): You guys have different money?

yeah, that's right, the mostly worthless Canadian dollar. The ordinary associates of the USA do seem to be rather introspective within their attitude to current affairs. See respondee Ronee Ray Gun.
When introduced to the World outside they appear nonplussed and unsure. What a relief it must be to spot a Coke machine.
I think it just boils down to the certainty that most Americans (not all!) aren't that wordly wise. The USA is such a big country some Americans haven't be out of their state - let alone out of the country! I also think that their instruction system doesn't teach that much about other counties(?) Like nearer stated, I once met an American who though that England and Britain was the same item . . .
I guess you can thank the left wing dominated public education system that have been dumbing down our children the last couple of decades. Source(s): Had a soldier ask me what NATO be today...it turned into a geography lesson since she didn't know where Western Europe was...nor what "Country" that be.

She makes my head hurt. you encounter liberals when they ask you dumb question

now you starting to see what we have to contract with all the time near in america.
I am an American living overseas, and as an Indian friend put it, "I love Americans, they are accurate decent people, but they are not worldly." Meaning we don't really follow how the rest of the world works. We pretty much live in a cocoon. We don't get out of our country much and when we do its to stir from the USA to a mini version of the USA. You know, like a resort within Cancun.

I concur with him 100%
Why are Commonwealthers the biggest hatemongering bigots on the planet?

Is it your mothers or your media that formulate you such haters?

The Queen, possibly?
YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYINg i tottally understand what your talkinga bout..

I have 1 American thinking the entire world used dollers :S you could seriously go around and ask some Americans what currencey the UK use.. they wouldnt know.. whats the differance between UK/Britian ? they wouldnt know.. they honestly believe most fo the world uses US dollers >.< ... their money is no good here xD ... The pound/sterlin is more :D

They don't even realise that dollers is a currencey that nation use when theirs is well really to weak or they havent get any...

Or when a new country starts they tend to use dollers...

I don't think Americans know that Canada is it's OWN NATION near it's own idenity, and culture.
What gibberish Americans are use to our money being excepted all over the world I know when ever I go to Canada I would always exchange my money as the Canucks would always play the hobby ''equal exchanged one Canadian dollar for one green back '' it was B/s at the time have they would beat me out of 17% and just how copious Brit tourist did you get 3 or 4% in total?
Too show you how not a hundred percent informed you are I do ask if they could bill my A/X card in U S dollars over seas as I retrieve the exchange commission and many of the large hotels are well to do it
As an aside have you noticed how anti Canadian heaps Americans have become?
Well if it is any comfort my son have to go to Canada to work last winter, he said beside out a doubt he would never go there again! Seems that most of the folks at hand are rude and have 0 sense of humor ! Let alone the fact that you drink funny !
Maybe the ones you come across don't travel outside of the country that often.

One thing we do not do is move ineradicably to another country and hold marches and demand everyone bend over backwards for us. I wonder why culture from other countries are so ignorant when it comes to setting up a residence in America. See? Anyone can be oblivious and generalize about everyone like a freakin' twelve year old-fashioned...You just proved it and so did I. Source(s): When I travel I know that I will be using the money of whatever country I am within. I can always convert it when I get home. It does not surprise me that Americans are so dumb. They do not know anything roughly speaking their own elected President. They dont know if his nationality is American or Kenyan. They dont know if he was born contained by Kenya or Hawaii. They dont know whether he is Christian or Muslim. If they dont know the answer to such fundamental questions as these about their own President, how the hell do you expect them to know anything give or take a few any other nation?
why are you so angry over something so trivial?

Is it because you are America's *****?
I have a hard time believing your little anecdote. This read like one of those fake stories you receive contained by e-mail forwards.

How thoughtful of you to stereotype an entire nation of over 300 million people as dumb tourists. I could say a few things around a couple Canadians who have come here to Salem, but I know that they don't represent Canadians as a whole.
Canadians have their own dollars? O, Canada! You're so adorable! Like a child with play money!
I guess YOU say that.Seems to me though everyone wishes to come to the United STATES!! Ask the millions of illegals that evacuate their own country to come here.Snowbird Canadians flock here too.You guys act dumb too while you are Here.So really just be indebted any American goes there so you can at smallest make a living.BTW how much is your money worth now? You generalize adjectives Americans when many are quite intelligent almost other countries.
Americans collectively try to make a guest feel treatment and wanted and they are shown respect so when we go to call round others we make the mistake of thinking that we are welcome and looked-for and will be treated with respect

and the same entity that is in your rant can be said almost Canadians , I live one State Down from the Canadian , US Boarder and Canadians come down here and use Canadian Currency all of the time , I was at a gas station the other afternoon and a Canadian Tourist was paying for his purchase , I had to keep on while the Cashier penciled out the 4% exchange rate ' cause a Canadian Dollar is only worth 97 cents down here and the exchange rate is rounded bad to 4% , I didn't throw a fit I was glad the Canook was down here spending his coins , I guess I should hold made fun of his tuque and told him to head north or I would kick his A**

and why does Canadian money hold the Queen of England's mug on it , what's that all a-boot , ah ?

PS: there are some Canadians on our Local Hockey Team and those guy are Great
I must read aloud that the Americans we have had call on us in England where I live own been extremely well behave and polite. Perhaps I should get out of the UK a bit more LOL, because I find it very firm to find one that will actually fall out next to me to my face. They always use the lb summary here, but it wouldn't worry me too much if they threw a couple of ten dollar bills at me, because I would just turn to my bank to exchange them. Money is money, and I would make sure I charged them a angelic exchange rate - IN MY favour if they did.

The only uninformed Americans I know in the region of are the ones that seem to come on here (YA) and rant about how they chew over they own the world and how good, tough and rich they think they are whilst collectively hiding behind their little Chinese made keyboards insulting everyone else.

EDIT. Come to my county, LINCOLNSHIRE UK, please Americans. All are most welcome.
I don't think that it is dumb or stupid it is freshly ignorance. From what you see on TV and the news about some parts of America, you would conjecture that it was a different planet! Take a look at the previous president for the kind of attitude you're discussion about, and remember a lot of Americans thought he be a ****. There are nice Americans, some are just oblivious.

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