Recent polls hold shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you reason this is?

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This lately goes to show the terrible condition of our arts school system. Many high school grads can't even read an analog clock or scrutinize nor can they count change. Most H.S. grads are not ready for the valid world. They have no common sense or street smarts. They know what is surrounded by the books but not how to apply it to life. Source(s): Just my view Becasue they find it difficult to believe that anywhere else really exists

3 thumbs down so far - presumably from Americans. The point being made is that US citizens give the indication of not caring about anyone else contained by the world
It is for this use. They are taught very strange things at arts school. One example I can give is to write an essay on one of the countries that rely on the US.

They are taught the alphabet surrounded by year 6 because the believe showing the pupils lists of words for year on end will increase their vocabulary in the past they learn to read. Its an attempt at a short cut to intelligent conversation, knowing lots of words.

Grammar is improvised and there are numerous in full view examples I can give but my favourite is the split infinitive from their most celebrated (and cerebral) tube programme "To boldly go where no man have gone before" This is an effect of being over enthusiastic and ingesting massive quantities of sugar.

So surrounded by conjunction with the garbled mess of their vocabulary and high life brain waves their attention span is very small. By the time you enjoy shown them where the US actually is they hold forgotten why they are in the room. All they can focus on is the colours on the map as lists of words suddenly zip through their heads at a speed resembling that of roadrunner. Only joking (that is what is happening but I am not seriously using it as an example of speed which is why it is a joke) the speed of something arrestingly faster but to an American you cannot get faster than roadrunners.

They rarely hold a reason to leave their town because their shops cater for everything they might call for even in places where in attendance are shops two miles down the road exactly the same, so they never have far to jump. If you factor in the cheap price of petrol "Why not use the car?". Hence general public so happy to move across small distances for little reason, reflect that their locale is big enough for anyone and why go anywhere else. The biggest mountain they will know almost is the giant bowl of ice cream from the local parlour.

Their politics is about the big buck, their military is around the victory and getting kudos. Their technology is about diminishing human effort, their lives are about anyone comfortable and safe, their jokes are usually comparable to that of a twelve year behind the times trying to impress adults. They idolise one black at a time, they love people from the ghetto because it "proves" capitalism works.

Americans are usually simple folks, like plentifully of us but they love it being simple, they are happy to sit around enjoy the simple life and indeed love being simple minded.

I really regard as the reason that 20% of them cannot locate the US on the world map is because they are to busy being entertain wherever they go.
Cuz dey cool,dats why.
I blame the government and the teachers federation. Can not teach the facts rather they requirement to dumb down the students to keep them in column. This way they believe that the government is looking out for them.
the only people who stipulation to know where it is are the Mexicans
Liberal Public Education system. They are too busy research that Global Warming will kill us all.
For financial guarantee reasons, the fewer folks that know of America's location the better. They are just doing their bit for their country. Source(s): Stupidity Because they can't drag their fat burger-fuelled fingers across the map to point properly?
I bet they know where on earth the nearest McDonalds is though!
Its a lot of work memorizing the TV guide and wal-mart isles, we cant be expected to know EVERYTHING.

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