What can she do? Please serve?


An ex friend of mine has recently have blogs posted about her on the internet. They where on a mental strength forum. They look like they have be written by her, but she is adament they where not and wants to find out the ip address of who created the depiction etc. I have been getting the blame for this (shes have a problem with me since i joined the group for no intention, and thinks i use my 2year old to maintain my friends??), she has not let me shelter myself and i dont know what i can do to prove it wasnt me apart from give her my ip address (which i am more than willing to do). I dont know what my friends believe, but i dont want to lose them because of her accusation. We have told her to go to the police but im not sure if she will, is near anything else she can do to help find how has be doing this so that they get punished and also so that i can clear my name?
For Gods sake, you don't have need of friends like that, move on, unless you did it obviously, in which case it is vilification of character, doubt if the police could care smaller quantity, but she could sue you.
The website owner or admin/moderator should be able to advise her of the IP address used to set up the tale.

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