What do you devise adjectives hold for Iran?

Hello guys. I'm a young girl from Iran, a country in which we facade many problems. These problems, first started to grow after our presidential election, later by the time we came up with nuclear heartiness and it got worse by imposing sanction. I don't know why always people within everywhere have to be the victims of these political games?. why can't we all associates just live in peace and be friend for god sakes? I'm terrified stiff . what if somebody attack us? in my nightmares I see myself running on the srteet, trying to scape from the bombs throwing throwing from helicopters.
the nuclear research is cool hopefully nuclear powercells will be available in the adjectives to work as an every day battery works today

i hope et arrives near a plan to quench ur fears et plan plan et planet get it ;) crop harvest circular fields for et to pick up and transport away

peace instead of thinking where u are start dreamin n judge where u would like to walk even if it seems impossible it might just crop up
I think you should vote surrounded by a Government that does not threaten Israel or other countries with Nuclear war... and next other countries might warm up to Iran.

The power of the future contained by Iran is with it's people. The People of Iran simply want to show a little courage and stand up to your tyrannical Government.
Hopefully peace or is my answer going to be delete again? I hardly call wanting peace a betrayal of guidelines. Bloody hell!
The Iranians are sending IED's to Iraq and Afghanistan to kill our soldiers and, I have to be honest I would nuke them if I could,
my proposal to you is to get out at the earliest opportunity and know that Armadinnerjacket is a Psychopath and Iran has vowed to verbs Israel.
I wish you well.
I don't think America will attack Iran unless Iran threatens to attack the US. I doubt any other country within the UN would attack Iran as they all maintain a stratum of diplomacy with Iran. Israel might though, i reckon that they're your biggest threat.

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