Do you chew over it is approach bygone time for our system to stop pandering to the bank?

VAT will soon be on the rise
Services will be cut back
The working person ( bless em) will suffer

The bankers, as usual, will be "busy" feed at the Trough of Plenty

Is it beyond the impossible to simply say,
Hoy you "*ankers, give us our money stern!"
Give them time.

The Banks played Gordon Brown like a trout, pulling him this way, next that, until he literally became like fish out of marine, gasping for air, losing consciousness, floundering on the bank. Then they moved within and ate him for breakfast.

With our money safely trousered and Browns demise imminent, they could not lose, welshing on the non existent "get hold of the economy moving" lie.

Vince Cable is no rock ape, he know the score and will deliver.
They Federal reserve within America and the bank of England are owned by the Rothschild family, the richest relations in the world. They print money out of thin nouns unregulated and then lend it to the government at huge rates of interest, this is where on earth our national debt comes from. You have to understand that they choose who the Prime minster is, they are the classified government and Cameron is their puppet. So the banks control the establishment NOT the other way around.

Keep believing that the government are contained by charge and watch the Banks get richer and richer beside their ever increasing bonus payments. The mainstream media is also their propaganda apparatus to keep you entertained and distracted next to disinformation and trashy entertainment.
The problem with bankers is they enjoy lots of money, and if there's one thing politicians like more than votes it's money. Doesn't business which team's in, they'll all pilfer a bung.
I think we are mixing different things here.

In writ to stop the collapse of the whole economic system,near really was no real alternative but to support the bank.And, although the banks triggered the economic "depression" , the collapse merely served to reveal the appalling structural deficit in the government's budget ,due to years of overspending.

Ironically , the money "lent" to the banks will prove to be a terrifically good investment --the government ,and us, will truly make a healthy profit on it --so their investment be a double win situation.

But as to the banks , the thing that sticks surrounded by all our craws is the continuing nature of the sheer greed of dune executives. The problem, however, is that their pay is ,rightly, controlled by the "market" and by the shareholders who employ /pay them --not government .
So the question is , how do governments legislate to form that " pay market" work fairly and force shareholders to do a better opportunity of controlling it .
You say that, but what would have happen if half the banks go into liquidation? how would that have affected the infrastructure of this country? what would it own done to your non existent savings? remember equitable life? The system had no choice but prop up the banks, if it have not then the knock on effect to industry, jobs and retail would enjoy been disastrous. To my mind this was probably the one and only rational decision the Dictator made.

But allowing the bank to borrow money after thucking up big time then reward their overpaid managers is totally out of stripe: absolute madness and stupidity. As paul say the government now hold control of a large amount of what the banks do and when the shares start to rise hold a choice to either take the dividends of in that investment or sell the shares. Either way the elected representatives will get its money back next to interest but guess who will still be paying for the banks errors? yes you are right Me and You.

Unfortunately the banks could and would move out if we did not furnish way to them. The solution, I am sure, is for the G20 governments to collude to brand name the bankers threats useless. In other words pull the protective rug from under their foot and expose them to the hard concrete floor.
You mean this Tory led coalition hasn't be tough on banks as it said it would? Well there's a surprise. Perhaps it has something to do beside the bankers backing and funding their party. I miserable, did people really think that the population in the banking industry would rear a government who was going to be tough on them, that would be close to them accepting Rupert Murdoch's backing and then supporting the BBC.
I wish i knew what this grill meant =/

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