Is it dishonest to own a replicated rucksack. UK one and only.?

I recently purchased a fake LV rucksack from eBay but as I did not pay much for it I really don't mind.
However I am going abroad contained by a few weeks and would like to use the bag, but my father said I could be fined for carrying bogus goods, when I pass through customs. Can this really come about as I would like to use the bag but do not want any trouble.
don't sure know one will come out to you and say, "hey, is that a fake daypack?" I mean people don't really charge, cut the tags...but also check on the interent if that's true, who knows. In washigton you can not vote your parents are rich if they are not...I know stupid law, but never know! good luck
How can the Greek Customs officer possibly tell that it is a fake if the individuals at Louis Vuitton can't tell the difference? However, do you think it's a fitting idea to travel abroad on holiday next to what looks like a very expensive shoulder bag?

The country where you can get into trouble next to a bag is Australia, where any case made from the skin of a protected species is banned, unless it is very outmoded and predates the animal protection legislation.
There is zilch illegal about carrying a not genuine bag - only if you try to elapse it off as genuine.
eg. If you try to market it as an original, you are breaking the law.
If FALSE designer goods worn or carried by British Tourists were iffy, the jail population would be double and the entire passenger list for the Alicante route would be within the clink

What you describe is not illegal; but it is unlawful to sell such items. Source(s): I'm a advocate Carrying a fake bag through customs is unlikely to incline any eyebrows. If you want to be sure, cut the tags out. The customs officers are not going to be too fussed roughly speaking your bag.

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