What does the British Paratrooper training consist of?

I just passed my BARB and the Paras were one of my possibilities , a short time ago wanted to know what the training involves. Thanks
have a look here it will make clear to you

http://www.eliteukforces.info/parachute-… Source(s): http://www.eliteukforces.info/parachute-… Para training is broken up into training and then 4 weeks parachute training.

The training (20 or 24 weeks cant remember which) builds up to what is called p coy, the pre parachute inspection course.

P coy is 8 tests done over the period of 1 week.

1. 10 Mile March (Wednesday morning). The 10-mile demo is conducted as a squad, over undulating terrain with respectively candidate carrying a bergen (Back Pack) weighing 35 pounds.(+ water) and a weapon. The demo must be completed in 1 hour and 50 minutes. TA candidates enjoy 2 hours.

2. Trainasium (Wednesday afternoon). The Trainasium is an 'Aerial Confidence Course' which is unique to P Company. In order to assess his suitability for military parachuting, the Trainasium test a candidates ability to overcome anxiety and carry out simple activities and instructions at a point above ground level. The event is a straight PASS/FAIL.

3. Log Race (Thursday morning). A team event next to 8 individual carrying a 60 kg log over a distance of 1.9 miles over undulating terrain.

4. 2 Mile March (Thursday afternoon). The 2-mile march is conducted over gently sloping terrain with each individual carrying a bergen (Back Pack) weigh 35 pounds (+ water) and a weapon. A helmet and combat jacket is also worn. The march must be completed in 18 minutes or underneath. TA candidates have 19 minutes.

5. Steeplechase (Friday morning). An individual check with candidates running against the clock over a 1.8 mile cross country course. The course features several 'water obstacles' and having completed the cross country element, candidate must negotiate an 'Assault Course' to complete the test.

6. Milling (Friday afternoon). 60 seconds of 'controlled physical aggression' against an antagonist of similar height and weight.

7. Endurance March (Monday). A squadded motorcade conducted over 20 miles of severe terrain. Each individual carries a bergen (Back Pack) weighing 35 pounds (+ marine & food) and a weapon. The march must be completed in underneath 4 and a half hours. TA candidates do not engage in this event.

8. Stretcher Race (Tuesday morning). The final event of Test Week. Teams of 16 men carry a 175 pound stretcher over a distance of 5 miles. No more that 4 men carry the stretcher at any given time. Individuals wear webbing and get a weapon.

After this has been completed, yuo move onto Basic parachute Course, which last 4 week.
Here you are taught how to do carious parachute jumps, and during the 4 weeks, you label a total of i think 7 or 8 jumps.

After that, you own earned your wings and you are very soon a para.
the short answer is 26 weeks(or so) infantry training,6 weeks roughly on p company where theyll make your eyes bleed and next a couple of weeks at RAF brize norton doing jumps,sounds easy but believe me its enthusiasm changing...good luck!!

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