Special Unit such as the SAS lacking military training possible?

Hi! Wondered whether you know if it is possible for a EU citizen to enrol into the SAS or similar forces without military training? My friend's already 29 but it is his dream job. Due to several juvenile errors, he is getting blocked from training for one of these unit at home. Also, if you know of any trainings that he could participate in and capture a certificate (already found the SAS fitness training in the Brecon Beacons) or reference, please let me know. He is very wretched right now because he really wants to do this and wishes to prove people that he is capable to do it right. Thanks so much!
no sas requires at lest 3 years service maybe more but i know you have to do that afterwards you have to go through screening where only every 3 out of 100 applicants surpass the selection most drop out so proberly not and i think you hold to be fully english to join the sas and not from a different country but i might be wrong
No, you own to come from a Military background.
If it was his dream chore he should have enlisted years ago and did the work to carry there, it's running a little unsettled at this stage. By the time he made it through his BT and if he were given a Rifleman or other Operative position, he would be getting a little matured if he wasn't already there and had the foundation built. Source(s): Retired USMC, living surrounded by the UK, contracted with the MoD. Firstly, the only EU country the British Army can adopt applicants from is the Republic of Ireland, there is a EU treaty banning military recruit between EU member states. So no, a EU Citizen can't join the British Army.

Secondly, the SAS requires at lowest possible 3 years prior British military service, preferably infantry but not a rigid requirement.

The only other option he may hold is the French Foreign Legion
Well to bind the SAS, you have to have done at most minuscule 3 years service in regular army positions, and you have to be below the age 32 years old, so if he is 29, by the time he has gone through training and inspection for regular army positions, he will be 30, plus 3 years service he will be 33 and would be too old to join.
I don't believe it is possible, sorry, you need to be preferred by superiors to go onto the course.

Good luck in proving me wrong. Source(s): My little erudition

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